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'I Was My Husband's Stalker' — Woman Shares Extreme Measures She Took To Win Over Husband

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A woman opened up about the bizarre way she became close to her now-husband after they first met — she used to be his stalker

The couple have signed all the necessary documents to make them legally married and their wedding is just two weeks away but the woman is suddenly feeling guilty about the secret she's been keeping.

She shared her story on the Reddit thread, "r/TrueOffMyChest," an online space designed for people to share personal and intimate stories they do not wish to share with those close to them. 

The woman detailed how she used to stalk her husband after they met for the first time.

“I guess I want to confess in a way because I can’t help but keep thinking about how we got to this point,” the woman wrote. “I’m not sure if it’s guilt, knowing that what I did was sort of wrong or awe that my psycho actions from a few years ago actually got me the love of my life.” 

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She met her husband when she was 19 through mutual friends when they all gathered to hang out by a lake. 

“I used to scoff at love at first sight but I swear that’s what it was,” the woman wrote. “There was an immediate attraction to him that absolutely captivated me and I became obsessed.” 

The two exchanged social media usernames, but the woman claims her husband was “pretty distant.”

“I decided that trying to carry text conversations was not working in my favor and the other alternative would be to get to know him in person,” she wrote. 

To make her dreams a reality, the woman turned to stalking her future husband. 

She used the internet to find out where he lived, where he graduated from, what his summer job was, where he currently went to school and who his friends were.

She confessed that she even volunteered at his younger sister’s swim school in hopes that he would drop her off one day — he didn’t. 

The woman shared that the two lived in the same city, but it was big and the chances of them crossing paths were slim.

To strengthen her efforts even further, she purposely befriended her husband’s friends for the purpose of getting to see him. 

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“I frequented the area he lived in, kept tabs on his social media to see where he was/what he was doing then I’d position myself.” she wrote.

Finally one day, they met again at a music festival through a mutual friend.

“I talked it up and we spent hours together and the rest is history,” she wrote. 

The woman and her husband dated for four years before becoming engaged, but now she is wracked with mixed emotions over her actions to get closer to her husband. 

“You couldn’t torture me to get me to confess this is to anyone [in real life], especially not him. I know how crazy it was but it worked and there’s nothing I love more than him,” she gushed.  “So if I had to be the bad guy to get the happy ending then so be it.” 

Some Redditors believed that the woman was indeed the bad guy, and expressed concern for her husband and her mental well-being. 

“I pray this man doesn’t ever get under your microscope for any wrongdoing or we are going to be reading this with a different title,” one user commented. 

“I am now uncomfortable. Maybe get some mental help, just [you] know, get checked out, a little test, a little evaluation to see what’s going on in your noggin,” another user wrote. 

Others compared the woman’s behavior to those we see in horror films from serial killer characters and pointed out the double standards due to her gender. 

“This is the type of chick movies like fatal attraction, single white female were based on,” another user said. 

The woman followed up with her original post to defend herself against some of the harsh comments. 

She claims that she only engaged in her “stalking” behavior for only a short period.

“I was only completely enraptured for about 2 weeks then it cooled off into just doing it as a pastime,” she shared. 

She says that she didn’t go to the music festival because she knew that her future husband would be there.

According to her, her favorite band was playing at the festival. 

The woman also claims that she never spoke to her husband’s sister when she volunteered at her swim school and says that she was looking for a lifeguarding position before meeting him. 

“The time frame from the first meeting to the ‘last’ was only about 7 months. August-March and at that point I was just living my life and meeting his was a background thought I’d only remember occasionally when I was going to an event or party he could have been at,” the woman wrote. 

She added that she never asked him out via text since he would take days to respond to her. 

“I have no intentions of harming or trapping my husband in the marriage lol. I’m deeply in love with him now but not obsessed as I once was,” the woman assured Redditors.

“Maybe I will tell my husband. Maybe not. I don’t see it as some terrible secret at all, and I don't refrain from telling him because I’m afraid of what he’ll say. I'm embarrassed!” she revealed.

“And it was an embarrassing thing to do but It doesn’t eat away at my conscious, I just find it all funny that it actually got me to this point.” 

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