Mom Claims She Found Hidden Camera In Teen Daughters' Shower After Her Husband Renovated Their Bathroom

A horrific discovery.

Mom finds camera in daughter's shower TikTok

A Nashville mom has been living in a nightmare after allegedly discovering a hidden camera she claims her husband planted in their daughters' bathroom.

Chasity Brintle has shared her story via TikTok, amassing millions of views from people showing their support for her family.

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In a viral TikTok, Chasity Brintle shows a camera she claims her husband planted to watch her daughters shower.

In the now-deleted TikTok video, Brintle zooms in on what appears to be a lens hidden in a light fixture. 


“When you’ve been with a man for 14 years and you find out he’s been watching your 16-year-old taking showers,” she wrote in a textbox over the video. 

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Brintle revealed that she found the camera while using her daughters’ shower while they were at school. 

“My husband does construction and he remodeled that bathroom two months ago,” Brintle shared in a separate video. 

Upon entering the shower, she realized that the ceiling light bulb wasn’t turning on, and went to grab a spare to replace the bulb. 

However, when she removed the old bulb from the light fixture, she claims she discovered a camera — with the help of a flashlight. 

At the time of the discovery, Brintle remained calm and collected. 

“My two-year-old was standing right there. I didn’t want to go crazy or psycho and let him see. I didn’t want my two-year-old to know what’s going on,” she says. 


Instead, she immediately left the house with her younger child and called the police. She says she later met with detectives at her home but they were unable to find any electronics with more evidence because her husband had them with her. 

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The woman's husband admitted to planting the camera. 

She alleges that her husband, 39-year-old Horacio Minero-Hernandez, admitted that he placed the camera in the daughters’ bathroom during a phone call — after the brave mom called him while law enforcement listened in. 


When asked why, he claimed it was a "mistake," and that "when you have something wrong in your f–king head, you just do it without thinking." 

Hernandez says that he never watched footage of the minor girls showering since the camera never worked. 

He was taken into custody on November 18 and charged with two counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor. 

Brintle says that she is “devastated” by what happened, as well as her daughters, who are aware of the situation.  

She added that it is “difficult” to press charges in cases like her husband’s. 

Brintle and her children have since moved out of the home, where they are struggling financially. 


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The mother launched a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. 

“It will take me a few months to get on my feet and get a divorce and receive child support and we need housing ASAP,” she shared on her donation page. 

“Thanks so much, God bless and please if you can’t donate at least pray for us. Mentally, my daughters and I are devastated.” 


Brintle is being praised for her bravery and dedication to her children's wellbeing. 

“Thank you for sticking up for your daughter, you are a wonderful mom. God bless you and your kids,” one donator wrote on Brintle’s GoFundMe. 

“I’m so glad you put your children first and got out. Prayers for you and your family!” another donator commented. 

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