What Is The Water Manifestation Technique & How To Use It To Manifest Your Deepest Desires

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What Is The Water Manifestation Technique & How To Manifest Your Deepest Desires

We all want our wishes to come true, but did you know you can turn your dreams into reality without waiting for that shooting star? There are many ways to manifest your deepest desires — one of those ways is the water manifestation technique.

Manifesting is a technique people use that helps them to visualize and to focus on what they want. 

How to use the Water Manifestation Technique

TikTok user @artisthelly uploaded a video on the water manifestation technique claiming that is helped her "manifest money, career, success, texts, health & healing, etc."








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In order to use the water manifestation technique, @artisthelly explains that you'll need two cups. You fill one cup with water and label it with your current reality — for example, if you want to manifest money, label this cup with the amount of money that you currently have in your bank account. 

The second cup starts empty. You'll label this cup with your desired reality.

The next step is to take your current reality cup and hold it in your hand. As you hold the cup, "Focus on the emotion of already having your desire for a while," @artisthelly explains.

Then, pour the content of this cup into the desired reality cup and drink it, "keeping in mind your desire."

The best part about this manifest method? It only takes 3 minutes to complete. So, as @artisthelly suggests, "Before you're skeptical, honestly just try it."

How does the water manifestation technique work?

In her video, @artisthelly notes that manifestation deals with energy that exists despite us not seeing it.

Dr. Masaru Emoto carried out an experiment during the mid-1990s using different samples of water from around the world. He noticed that samples from clean water had beautiful, geometric patterns in the molecules but the samples that were from polluted waters had distorted molecules. 

He then exposed the samples to different kinds of music and got similar results. He noticed that samples of water that were exposed to music that took on a more angry approach had deformed molecules and samples of water that were exposed to music with a happier tone had perfect structured molecules. 

This relates to this technique because the reason the water molecules change when exposed to different emotions is that the intent is being stored within the water. When you charge the water with your intent, you are imposing an energetic memory into its molecules and into the universe. 

How does manifesting work?

Manifestation is the transmutation of thought into a physical equivalent. Basically it is the process of taking an idea, dream, goal, or vision and making it into reality.  

When manifesting, keep in mind these three steps in order to get the most out of it:

1. Establish your purpose

2. Set up success systems

3. Allow

Establishing your purpose helps you to get a clear look at a goal so the foundation can stay strong. Setting up success systems helps to keep your spirits lifted along with your vibrations and holding a strong faith, and allowing helps to present opportunities when the timing is right. 

The Law of Attraction is closely tied with manifesting.

The Law of Attraction says that energy of the same frequency is attracted to each other. In other words, “like attracts like.” 

When it comes to manifesting, the Law of Attraction is the force that brings your desires into your life. Learning to cultivate will help you become a magnet for higher vibrations in your reality and goals. 

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Since like attracts like, your emotional state will attract people, opportunities, and situations that are aligned with your same goals.

There are some common misconceptions about manifesting.

People believe all manifesting is intentional, but this is false. Manifesting is always happening, even when we’re not even thinking about it. Reality will always reflect the nature of your thoughts back to you.

If manifesting was intentional, why would we manifest the terrible things that occur in our lives? 

People also believe manifesting is difficult, but it’s really simple. You do have to go through some steps during different types of manifesting, but overall you don’t have to really do anything that requires a lot of action. Manifesting just requires you to be determined, focused, and to keep an open mind to many possible outcomes.

And finally, you don't need to be a professional to manifest you desires. You have the ability to cultivate a positive environment in your mind. Focus on meditating and auto-suggesting (the practice of suggesting thoughts to oneself), and you are sure to feel confident in manifesting. 

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There are other types of manifestation techniques.

1. Multi-Perspective Visualization

This is basically visualizing what you want from a third-person view. Kind of putting yourself in these situations and seeing how they will play out, but as if you were someone else watching it all happen.  

2. Intention Point Shifting

This is the “meeting ground” between your heart and your mind. Once you activate it, you can manifest with a higher vibration that will bring what you need faster and easier. 

3. Multi-Sensory Visualization 

This gets you to use all of your senses to picture what you want, making it feel more realistic and like it can happen by taking into consideration all that you would see, hear, and feel around you. 

4. Questioning Your Beliefs

If you ever get to a point where you shut down or try and talk yourself out of manifesting, this helps to find the root of the issue within yourself. By tracing back to the source of negativity, you can face it head-on and understand that you have grown from that time and now can focus on the future.  

5. Connecting with an Object

Some people like to visualize their manifestations rather than just picturing it in their minds as it helps them to really focus on what they want. For example, people use crystals that they can hold or wear as jewelry so they can remind themselves throughout the day why they are going through with their dreams. 

6. Dream Boarding

Similar to a vision board, this utilizes a space where you can go back and visit physically to remind yourself what to focus on. It can be on a wall, on a poster board, or even online of pictures that resemble your goals. 

7. Turning Negatives into Positives

This is the core of the Law of Attraction and by thinking of all the good things that have happened to you (such as writing in a gratitude journal), it helps to focus on all the positives. It connects you with your happiness and opens up your eyes to see everything you go through teaches a lesson. 

8. Using a Focus Wheel

This helps to shift your focus onto more positive thoughts and attitudes. Draw a small circle in the center of a piece of paper, write what you want in that circle, then around the circle write down a positive belief about your dream until you run out of room.

9. Living “As If”

This last technique gets you to start living like your dreams are already happening. By going through with certain actions, it sends out signals to the universe that you deserve to achieve your goals/ you’re ready when they come. 

10. 3, 6, 9 Manifestation Technique

The 3, 6, 9 manifestation technique was actually popularized by Nikola Tesla. While there are some different ways you can use this particular method, it all comes back to using your thoughts to will something to happen.

11. 5x55 Manifestation Technique

The 5x55 manifestation technique consists of writing down your intention 55 times for five days straight. Like the other methods, it works by putting your focus solely on a particular outcome. 

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