11 Problems Only Girls With Short Hair Understand

You didn't realize cutting your hair came with this many problems.

Last updated on Apr 28, 2024

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Having a short haircut comes with a lot of perks, like not having a shower drain filled with hair and being able to save money on expensive conditioners. If I'm having a bad hair day, I can just throw all of it into a cute hat. But along with those perks, there are a few, well, problems that come with the lack of length in hair.

Here are 11 problems only girls with short hair understand:

1. Everyone thinks having short hair is super easy to do 

But in reality, you don't have the option of a cute updo or ponytail you can rely on. Some days you wake up with a mohawk and just have to deal with it.

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2. The stereotype that short hair isn’t feminine 

If I had a nickel for the number of times I've had men tell me they think I would be prettier with longer hair, well let's just say I would be a very rich woman indeed.

3. Not just “anyone” can cut and style your hair and you become fiercely loyal to the person who does it 

No one understands my vision for my hair the way my stylist does, and it took me forever to find her.

4. With that said, you have to get a haircut every few weeks

You hear friends say they go months between haircuts and find that as improbable as somebody not liking pizza.

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5. Cowlicks

Enough said.

6. The first shower after getting your “short” haircut is when you go to grab your hair and there’s hardly anything left there

On the plus side, my showers are much shorter.

7. Bad haircuts are more noticeable

As are any blemishes on your face that you can’t cover by sweeping your hair over your face. I don't have a curtain of hair to hide behind.

8. Uneven regrowth and limited style options once you go short

Unless you’re a patient person and can wait for the (uneven) growth again.

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9. The awkward stage in between super-short when you can wake up, run the product through your hair, and go

It might not look that great, but it's ridiculously easy to style.

10. That also awkward stage when you can put it back into a teensy-tiny ponytail

It might look like a rat tail, but at least it's out of my eyes.

11. When you wear a hat, all your hair disappears

I can be mistaken for a very small man from the back. Whether you want to cut your hair or not, don't let the opinions of others dictate what you do. You'll look beautiful either way.

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