The Sexiest Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

What's the best style for you?

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This is the good news: there are plenty of options if you’re looking to change up your look, no matter your face shape. The bad news is... well, there is no bad news, actually. 

As with the wide array of makeup hacks that elongate and slim the face, there are also lots of hairstyles that do the same while allowing you to experiment with different lengths and textures.

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You may have been told your whole life that you’re stuck with bangs or a bob or straight hair or wavy, but that’s just not the case. And today’s biggest celebrities are here to prove it.

What is the sexiest hairstyle for your face shape?

Well, first you’ll want to determine your face shape. Is it heart-shaped, round, oval, or square?

Once you do that, go with highlighting your strong points — maybe that’s your wide cheekbones or a rounded face that’s the perfect starting point for the short cut you’ve been fantasizing about (and, actually, there’s a mind-blowing hack out there for determining if short hair is right for you).


Then, rock that lob (or long layers, or pixie cut) while dramatically slimming your face. Which one will you choose?

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If you have a heart-shaped face...

Heart-shaped faces are narrow at the chin and wide at the cheekbones.


Accentuate that lovely, natural balance by avoiding layers or bangs that are cut at that widest point — since your cheekbones are naturally prominent, you don’t want to draw even more attention to them. Instead, opt for soft, fringy bangs, long layers cut below the cheekbone or a lob (longer bob), just like Zooey Deschanel.

If you have a round face...

If you’re feeling daring, a round face is perfect for an ultra-short pixie cut (make sure to go with choppy bangs that elongate the face — Ginnifer Goodwin knows exactly how to rock her crop).


If you’d like to go short but not quite that short, avoid a mid-length bob that will make your face look rounder (it’s the fullness of your hair that you want to show off).

Aim for layers that are cut below the jaw, visually drawing down the eye instead of drawing attention to the sides of your face.

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If you have an oval face...

You’ve got a lot of options with an oval-shaped face. Just keep in mind that you don’t need additional lengthening.


You can frame that pretty face with a side part and textured waves (or a middle part, like how Charlize Theron nails it) and go longer, too. Just don’t opt for pin-straight and flat, which can make an oval face look even longer.

If you have a square face...

The key to flattering a square-shaped face is going soft, soft, soft. 


Feathery layers, wispy bangs, and romantic ringlets will all highlight your strong bone structure while easing up on the angles, like Cameron Diaz when she used to rock a breezily layered bob.

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