The Type Of Hairstyle Most Attractive To Men, Says Study

Have you ever wondered which hair color gets you more dates?

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So you just chopped off all of your locks and know for a fact that you look banging. You keep telling yourself that this new 'do will finally turn your luck around, that your once dry-as-hell dating life is about to blow up.

And then ... nothing. There are no boys flocking to the yard. No hot, toe-curling, dating life to be had.

Clearly, your hairstylist has some explaining to do. It may not seem like it but your hairdo actually says a lot about your intimacy (and whether or not you'll get any action ever again).


Don't believe us? These studies speak for themselves.

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Here is what your hair color says about your relationships, according to science:

1. The longer your hair, the more attractive you are

According to a poll, 43 percent of men say that they prefer long, wavy hair over shorter hairstyles. 


TRESemme Philips' Karen Moore stresses that "Long hair is traditionally strongly linked to femininity which we're sure is the reason that almost half of the men have singled out this long, thick, wavy hair as their number one sexiest style [...]

...It's interesting to see that men still favor the traditional stereotypical looks for women, with long hair coming out on top despite the massive popularity of shorter styles like 'the Bob' and Agyness Deyn style crops with women."

Ironically, the same men complained about women whose hair looks a little too perfect even though longer hairstyles usually need more products to upkeep them.

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2. If you're a brunette, you're better in bed

The Daily Mail discusses a study where "almost six in ten (58 percent) of people say brunettes are better in bed." 

According to Michael Van Clarke London's operations director Russell McGrath, brunettes have been giving women hair envy for years.

He claims it's mainly because "Brunettes have healthy locks with bounce and shine in abundance - this promotes confidence which makes it the number one choice for hair color."

Even more interesting: Only 16 percent of participants rated blondes as being better lovers.

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3. And sorry again blondies; redheads have way more fun

According to a study by the University of Hamburg, women with red hair have a more active sex life.


Researcher Dr. Says surveyed German women to see whether a pattern exists between women with certain hair colors. They found that redheads had "more partners and [had] sex more often than the average."

Psychology Today states that the reason men find redheads attractive has to do with biology.

The study mentions that "the red-headed recessive variant gene MC1R may have evolved (and therefore exists today) as the result of sexual selection." This makes sense: The color red is so rare and bright that it naturally catches your attention.

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4. And yet ... redheads are the least desirable to both sexes

Talk about a plot twist! Studies revealed that gingers are less desirable when compared to their blonde and brunette counterparts.


Researcher Nicoloas Guéguen conducted a series of tests where he made female participants wear different colored wigs to see who attracted the most men.

Sadly, only 29 men out of 240 approached the ginger-haired women.

Another study conducted by researchers at the University of Westminster offered the same results.


A woman who dyed her hair blonde, red, and brown found that "when she was blond, 60 men came up to her, while brunette the figure dropped to 42 and then when red, male interest languished at 18 approaches."

Sigh. Redheads just can't win.

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