People Who Do These 13 Things Think With Their Hearts, Not Their Heads

Which one leads your life?

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Sometimes, your heart wants to do something your head knows isn't the best idea.

But yet, you ignore reason and think with your heart.

While it's not always a negative thing, here are the 13 signs you tend to think with your heart and not your head.

1. Rejection really crushes you.

After a breakup, you can’t see the silver lining. All you can think about is how much you miss them, how badly you want to touch them. You ignore your brain when it tells you that the breakup was a good thing and listen to your heart, which is throbbing in pain.




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2. You can’t explain why you’re drawn to certain people.

When you try to explain why you’re crushing on someone, there’s no solid explanation. It isn’t necessarily because he’s smart or funny or hot. He just makes you feel... happy.


3. You love the idea of love.

You’re a hopeless romantic. Obsessed with roses and chocolates and cliches. You don’t care if everyone else thinks it’s stupid. You think it’s sweet.

4. You spill all your secrets.

You’re too trusting. As soon as you make a friend, you reveal everything. And when they leave, it’s unsettling to realize that a semi-stranger is walking around with all of your secrets.

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5. You give out second chances.

You know you shouldn’t forgive your ex. You know they’re toxic. But when they ask for forgiveness, you give it to them. You care too much to push them away.


6. You have strong gut feelings.

You can’t explain them. There’s no logical explanation for them. But, somehow, you’re usually right.



7. You’ve been called dramatic.

When you’re happy, you can’t keep your excitement inside. And when you’re sad, the tears drop for hours. You experience extreme emotions. And they can change on a dime.

8. You take leaps of faith.

You don’t think things through. If you feel like something (or someone) would make you happy, you take a leap without worrying about any of the potential repercussions. You truly enjoy the moment.


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9. You believe in signs.

Signs that you should contact your ex. Signs that something bad is going to happen. Signs that your loved ones are speaking to you from beyond the grave.

10. You don’t have many regrets.

You’re glad you dated your ex, even though he cheated on you. You’re glad you made friends with your BFF, even though she moved far away. You don’t let unhappy endings tarnish your happy memories.



11. You always do the right thing.

Even though your common sense is telling you to take the easy road, to be a little sneaky to get what you want, you can’t stomach the thought of lying or cheating or stealing. You wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt.


12. You’re a crier.

If you hear a sickening news story, you don’t just shake your head and comment about what a travesty it is. You actually feel your heartbreak for the victims. And sometimes, you even cry for them.

13. You care more about others than yourself.

You think with your heart, but it isn’t your heart that you’re worried about. It’s everyone else’s heart. You don’t want them to be sad. You want to bring them joy — even if that means you’re forced to suffer.

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Holly Riordan writes about love, loss, and anxiety.