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4 Surprising Ways The Ancient Art Of 'Qigong' Can Help You In Your Dating Life

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What Is Qigong? How Chi Energy Can Help Improve Your Dating & Love Life

What is Qigong, and how can you use chi energy to help you with your dating and love life?

If you’re a spiritual or health-minded person, then likely you’re familiar with ways to increase your energy and promote your health through exercises like yoga and tai-chi. But surprisingly, you might not know that these meditative arts have benefits for your romantic life as well as your physical health.

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You may never have heard of the ancient meditative practice known as “Qigong” (pronounced “chi-gong”), which helps you cultivate and move energy through your body, or learned about the myriad benefits it has in helping you get “unstuck” in everything from health problems to love issues.

This “qi” (“chi”) is the vital force behind all things in the universe — which includes the human body and the emotions that run through you.

Qigong uses the practice of particular movements — much like poses in yoga — breathing, sounds (like mantras), and visualizations to help you increase your physical and mental health and ground you in your energy and emotions.

Thousands of these forms have been practiced in China for over 4,000 years, and qigong, also referred to as “internal martial arts,” or even “acupuncture without needles” isn’t just something you can use to improve your health and wellness — it’s also something you can use to improve your dating life thanks to its unique ability to help “move” your qi through different energy channels or “meridians” in your body.

So by using qigong to maintain and increase your health benefits, you’ll also help keep your emotional needs in check by keeping the flow of energy free and uninhibited through your entire body. This benefits you body, mind, and soul.

Here are 4 ways that practicing qigong will help improve your health, love life, and make you happier:

1. Qigong will help you be more relaxed

If you’re getting ready for a date, meeting someone new, or even just full of nervous energy, doing a quick qigong pose can help alleviate that tension and keep the nervous energy from settling inside of you.

The way to keep your energy freely flowing and eliminate any lingering nerves is to practice what’s known as the “three intentful corrections,” which will help focus your body, mind, and breathing to help you relax.

This is important — especially before a first date! — because you want to make sure that you’re as much yourself as possible, and you can't do that if your nervousness is in control.

  • Body: From a standing position, let your arms rest at your sides and keep your spine straight and aligned—without tightening your tail bone. Relax your body so your qi can flow freely through every part of you. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and focus on the top of your head. This area is known as the “bai hui,” or “hundred meetings.” Imagine it opening to the universe, and picture your lower body like roots digging deep into the earth as your upper body opens to the sky.
  • Mind: Close your eyes and quiet your mind. Bring awareness to your body, what you’re doing, and how your energy is making you feel. Let scattered thoughts, nervousness, and worries drift from your mind as you focus instead on your physical self, and that sensation of opening to the universe and being embraced by the earth.
  • Breath: Breathe through your “dan tian,” also known as the “elixir field,” where your qi is stored. This spot is located about three finger-lengths below the navel, and focusing your breathing by drawing attention to how your abdominal muscles move as you bring that air in and out will help deepen your breaths and increase the energy and airflow into your entire body. Then, draw your attention to the “yong quan” points at the bottom of your feet. Imagine a bubbling well there, and all your nervous energy flowing out of it and into the earth.

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2. It will help you stay younger

It’s no surprise that doing exercise will help keep you healthy, and being healthy means that your body will work better for longer.

However, there are certain factors that also play a role in your youthfulness, and being relaxed and staying as stress-free as possible can also make you appear younger.

Practicing the elimination of nervous energy, stress, and keeping your internal energy free-flowing and relaxed can help you keep the signs of stress—aging, wrinkles, health problems, and mental health struggles related to stress—from tearing you down.

This is especially helpful when you’re out in the dating world or attempting to attract new love into your life. Perhaps you just want to feel good just for yourself!

Whatever your reason, Qigong’s energy techniques can help keep you looking and feeling younger, no matter how old you are!

3. You’ll improve your overall health and chi energy

If you suffer from health issues that negatively impact your dating life, or even your regular life, regular exercise can of course help make you feel better.

Qigong has the added benefit of helping you feel youthful, improving your immune system, increasing your libido, and making you appear overall more attractive to a potential partner or a current one.

4. It will make you feel more confident in life

In Chinese medicine, many ailments are caused by the backlog of stuck energies stored in the body and unable to escape.

In particular, the emotion of fear is stored in your kidneys, which are a major waste elimination organ that helps keep you cleansed of toxins. When your kidneys are acting up, you can get illness like jaundice, kidney stones, and many others.

This is why it's a good idea to give your kidneys some positive attention now and then and help keep them at optimum health.

And if you want to get rid of that nervous tension or fear you're experiencing — a kind of “toxic energy” — then you’ll need to help remove any fearful properties hidden there and bring yourself back into balance.

There’s a simple exercise you can use to do this, too!

Lay flat on your back with your arms stretched up above your head, then inhale and lift up just your rear end. This will put tension on your kidneys.

Then exhale and relax your body, and with it, the stress and fear stored within you.

You can do this a few times, focusing on your breathing, in order to help you feel more confident overall — though this is particularly good if you’re about to meet someone or go on a date!

Feeling more confident will guarantee that you’re not nervous, choked up, or worried about how you’re going to feel when meeting a potential romantic partner. It will help keep you grounded, focused, and in tune with your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Don’t let nervousness, stuck energies, or health problems keep you from living life to the fullest and finding your next love.

Practicing Qigong, even a few minutes every day, can keep your energy flowing freely and make you feel happier and healthier in the long run.

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Cynthia Clark is a certified palm reading consultant and relationship expert, as well as the author of Stories in Your Hands. She uses archetypes to assist others in discovering their soulmate match. Visit her website to learn more.