How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood, According To Abraham Hicks

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In an ideal world, we’d all be in a good mood all of the time. But sometimes things happen that bring you down.

Fortunately, how you react to situations and conditions that cause a bad mood, whether they’re external or internal, is totally up to you.

And while it’s OK to let yourself feel these negative emotions for a bit, it’s important to know how to get out of a bad mood so you can continue attracting the positivity you really want into your life.

How to Get Out of a Bad Mood

According to Abraham Hicks, "if you can think about the things that feel good and give the things that don't feel good a rest for a while, those things that don't feel good would open up for you."

And because doing so is often easier said than done, they suggest a simple process you can follow to authentically raise your vibration and move out of your bad mood.

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1. Sit down with pen and paper and write down what feels specifically negative for you.

Before you can change your mood, it’s important to understand what’s causing you to feel that way.

According to Abraham Hicks, even when you are grateful for one aspect of your life, it’s possible for other factors to lower your vibration. So while you don’t want to continue ruminating on these things, it’s an important step to be able to identify what’s causing the negative energy.

2. Get general about it and acknowledge that this is where you are.

After briefly writing what it is you are upset about and what you don't like about it, catch yourself and say something along the lines of "alright this is where I am and now I'm going to begin the work on it."

Remind yourself it isn't other people's job to make you happy and that you have the ability to make yourself feel better and that you want to show yourself you are capable of doing so.

3. Reframe the experience as an opportunity to to gain something.

The wording Abraham Hicks suggests, although you can use you own, is, "I'm happy to have had exposure to this life experience because i know i'm going to gain something and probably pretty fast... I'm looking forward to feeling better about this."

3. Feel the shift as you move from the general negative to the general positive.

As you continue acknowledging the positive aspects of what the negative experience is bringing you, the negative feelings associated with the experience will begin to subside to the point where you may even forget about them.

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4. Focus on the specific positives that arise.

Don't work too hard, they caution, but simply notice the positive thoughts and feelings that come to you.

5. Write out an acknowledgement of the work you have done.

The suggested wording they offer is: "I do feel better. This has been good work. I'm glad I had this experience. I like doing this."

6. Allow the evidence of this work to show itself to you.

"Now that you've done this work, the evidence of this work will show itself to you," they state. "Someone will give you information. Someone will call. Something will happen. Something will shift. It is our promise to you: evidence of that work that you did will appear in your experience and will appear there quickly."

"So the manifestation you're reaching for is the improved feeling, but the manifestation that is beyond that feeling will show itself to you fast."

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In Summary

As you focus on the positive things in your life, you don’t want to create resistance by also thinking about the negative things.

In fact, Abraham Hicks explains that stressing about things holds you back from not only fully experiencing the joy that other things bring but also from allowing those good things to be even better.

In order to increase your overall happiness, instead of trying to force certain situations or circumstances, it’s necessary to let those desires rest as you focus on the good things that are coming to fruition.

As you become more open to what is going well for you, you simultaneously open the channels to the desires you were unconsciously closing.

"As you play this game just a little bit," Abraham summarizes, "you will know unequivocally that not only are you the creator of your own reality, but you will know how to do it. Not only can you do it, but you are doing it."

With this process, there’s no need to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ — the universe will know when your words aren’t authentic because your energy will betray your true feelings. Instead, you redirect your energy in a more positive direction, allowing more positivity to cycle in.

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