What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of An Amethyst

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of An Amethyst

Amethyst is a special violet-colored crystal used for different purposes including spiritual healing and gift-giving.

This gemstone's natural beauty and shine is a major reason why it is coveted for jewelry, glassware, and spellcasting.

What is the spiritual meaning of an Amethyst?

The Amethyst stone is a symbol of love and strong relationships.

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Giving it as a gift to a loved one shows your trust and faith in them.

Gemstones have been known to be used in coordination with astrology to ward off evilness and introduce happiness, laughter, and prosperity.

Such precious stones have been worn for centuries in the form of a pendant, bracelet, or rings.

Spiritual meaning of purple and an Amethyst

Amethyst is a special gemstone that is in the basic shade of purple but is found in various hues from dark purple to lilac to the very light shade of lavender too.

Healing properties of the Amethyst

Quartz is a commonly used stone for healing. it's believed to absorb negative energy from the body.

Amethyst is also a part of the quartz family and is found in many places all over the globe including places like Siberia, Brazil, and Russia.

A majority of the world's supply of Amethyst comes from South America, (specifically Brazil and Uruguay).

The most popular sources of Amethyst in Brazil come from Minas Gerais, the Rio Grande do Sul, Maraba, and Bahia.

Brazilian Amethyst is typically found in geodes, which are spherical rocks with crystals lining the inside wall.

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These crystals that are produced in these areas vary in color from pale to medium lilac and don't always reach a deep violet of high saturation.

The color of the Amethyst in these geodes is most highly concentrated in the tips of the crystals.

Due to its rarity, it is often much more expensive than other crystals in the quartz family.

The crystal is mainly sought out due to its aesthetic look and spiritual implications.

How are Amethysts used for spiritual healing?

The Amethyst helps in curing ailments and diseases and restoring the health of the wearer.

The Amethyst stone benefits elimination of clutter in the mind and tranquilizes the nerves of the body. It is effective for curing blood flow and breathing issues.

It also removes excessive acidity from the body and to a great extent heals insect bites, even enhancing the skin quality. This stone is also known to solve alcohol issues, insomnia, and body aches.

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Amethyst is believed to strengthen the immune system and ensure the good functioning of all organs in the body.

This stone is the harbinger of friendship and brings old lost friends back together and assures a healthy relationship forever.

The Amethyst stone is also seen as a symbol of love and strong relationships.

Spiritual meaning of an Amethyst and love

So, it is commonly observed that Amethyst is gifted to a loved one which can show your trust and faith in them.

The Amethyst gemstone is used by spiritual people who believe in the Amethyst's supreme powers.

They wear several pieces of Amethysts set in silver in a necklace and other pieces of jewelry too.

It is supposed to aid them in spiritual peace, concentration, and meditation.

The healer even gives an Amethyst to the patient to hold during the curing process.

Many households keep a cluster of Amethyst crystals at the window of their house to ensure positive energy and fresh air entering the house.

It eliminates all negative and evil vibes through its healing properties and is also a great decoration for your house.

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Amethysts are placed at night to ensure peace at home in the family.

The Amethysts are a symbol of spiritual peace and hence it works in favor of removing cravings for materialistic things and constant headaches.

The Amethyst is not only a great source for becoming a sober and clear-minded person, but you can also be free from the material world outside.

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Where to buy an Amethyst

Amethyst is available at most crystal shops around the world and the price can vary depending on the cut and the shade of violet.

The crystal is more on the pricier side due to its rarity and the resources it takes to export it all across the world.

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Amethyst is a spiritual gift

Many people give Amethyst as a gift to their loved ones. If you are trying to help a loved one to clear the air, and find comfort within their mind and space, Amethyst is the best gift choice.

It's also great, if you happen to have a friend who has trouble listening to their intuition, and doing what is necessary to make the right choices in life, Amethyst can be the perfect gift to improve the energy needed to embolden their convictions.

This joyous stone beckons the soul to find its place solace. For those needing to relax and discover their inner joy, the gift of Amethyst can't arrive soon enough.

Amethyst absorbs the negative energy in its environment and radiates it out as purified positivity.

So for the friend whose environment could use beautiful energy to purify the bad energy, Amethyst is your go-to stone.

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