9 Ways To Heal Your Deepest Self — And Savor The Transformation

Eight less-than-typical tools for learning to heal parts of your inner self that affect every aspect of your life.

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Pieces of ourselves will call for healing even when the wounds are not visible to the outside world, or are unidentifiable to us.

So many people are hurting deeply and might be unaware of why they are in emotional pain or how to deal with the situation. They may need guidance as their life partners or parents are crossing over, or they might want to stand tall as their entire world shifts for various reasons.


How personal healing works in my own life

I am also in a hurricane of life changing energy. I have let go of fear and turned to the eye of the storm in my personal healing experience. I am finally ready to face my subconscious beliefs planted long ago in a young mind.

One clear sign was when I noticed how I once was someone who couldn't cries easily, but this has drastically changed.

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How to heal your deepest self and savor the transformation.


Understand the power of opening the upper chakras

The last 15 years has brought huge shifts in my spiritual world. I had to make sense of new thoughts, beliefs and how it shaped my reality. My upper chakras were blown wide open and caused my connection with God, or the life source, to deepen and brightly color my world.

For many years, my focus was on my children and husband while I kept one foot immersed in a very spiritual world. Inevitably my children grew up and brought an opportunity for self-discovery and a change of where I put my focus and energy.

Explore the lower chakras

The past year, I have been looking at my most basic human experiences. Where did I feel safe, loved and most at home? My lower chakras were calling out for attention. Finally, I had the time and energy for reflection on my entire life. I was being guided by my spiritual connections and beliefs. I guess it couldn’t have happened any other way.

I began to explore my self-worth and what relationships and life experiences rose to meet the best version of myself. It was easy for me to notice where I failed myself and others. It was also easy for me to see who had failed me, and I cried.


As I explored my world deeper, my tears hung heavy in the air, not falling, as I waited to be able to sort them out. It was like living in a dense fog that sometimes lifted enough to catch a glimpse of peace.

Other times, tears fell in a torrent from my body. The process reminded me of pressed wildflowers finally being released from a hard bound book. Their stories set free, the narrative shifted until no emotion was held captive any longer.

These stories had sculpted who I am, and they began in my childhood to weave through my adult relationships. I am not unique in this situation.

My love, like colorful petals, had been resting on the ground waiting to be lifted up by another. With age I learned to love myself and others, yet still there were pieces of me waiting… To be honest I couldn’t even pinpoint what was missing.


I saw the beauty and color of my life and how I had loved, but I also saw the fragments of where love and life had not served me. It was finally time to take the joy and happiness and leave behind the shards of disappointment and pain.

I made a bouquet of beautiful choices to color my healed emotional body. Today, I am still working on my healing and feeling everything so I can lean into the process of letting go and beginning renewed.

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Eight less-than-typical methods for healing your deepest self

1. Energy work

Energy work is a great way of transforming your world. I have been enjoying vortex healing, but there are many types of energy work available.


2. Crystal energy

I love using the energy found in crystals to help me manifest and transform my world. This can be done by wearing jewelry with high quality crystals, or enjoying your crystals in your home and office.

3. Meditation and prayer

Meditation and prayer are both powerful ways to shift energy and deeply rooted beliefs and patterns. I recommend a practice of prayer and meditation first thing in the morning, before your mind has been filled with distractions.

4. Get grounded

Get outside and stay grounded. My passion is hiking, but you can just go outside and lean up against a tree or your favorite cow. Feel the Earth hold you steady as you receive new energy.

5. Coaching

Life coaching is a great way to help discover what has been holding you back and what you want to shift. Coaching can offer you the road map to the transformed you.


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6. Therapy

Therapy is also a fantastic place to go, especially if there are relationships at stake. You can discover new ways of communication with yourself and others.

7. Surrendering

The healing process different for everyone.

We all come in with different beliefs and patterns we need to shift. All we can do is let go and allow the Universe, God, our Angels, and guides to do the heavy lifting for us.


8. Intention-setting

Set clear intentions for yourself about how you want to experience life. Keep reminding yourself about the intention and hold it in your mind.

I find myself feeling more of everything and moving a little differently through life. I am connecting in a new way. A new landscape is forming in my heart, mind, and life. This is just the beginning of my transformation, but it has brought fresh energy I haven’t felt for almost a year. Everything was waiting for me; as everything is waiting for you.

Savor your transformation.

Enjoy your new found you and celebrate each moment.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.