Frog Symbolism & The Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing Frogs

Frogs are powerful symbols.

Last updated on Jan 28, 2023

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Frogs — it might seem like they're everywhere, but they're not. For most people, this is either a good or bad thing.

Frogs tend to stay near the water, can live up to 10-12 years, and if they are in a group it's called an army. That's pretty neat, right?

Frogs have been around for over 370 million years, so there's no confusion as to why frogs have spiritual meanings associated with them.

Frog Symbolism & Spiritual Meanings Of Frogs

On a surface level, frogs symbolize wealth, abundance, wisdom, rebirth, good luck, fertility, potential, transformation, purity, and prosperity.


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Frogs are known to stay near the water, which is a building block of life. They are also known to lay up to 20,000 eggs in one sitting! This connects them to abundance and fertility in many cultures.


These tiny amphibians are great to have around if you are thinking of expanding your family by adoption or conception. They are also important if you wish to nurture or grow something like a relationship or business.

These creatures transform, just as humans do (well, maybe a bit more than we do). They begin their life as tadpoles in water, and then evolve and adapt to live on land. Frogs remind us that we can transform ourselves to any potential we want to fulfill.

The core spiritual meaning of frogs is that either a significant change is about to happen, fertility will come into your life sooner rather than later, or an abundance of something good is about to come.

Frog Encounters and Omens

For the most part, if you encounter a frog, it brings with it good omens.


Encountering a frog brings good luck, prosperity, fertility, and more. For some cultures, they rely heavily on the presence of a frog, because with a frog comes rain, and many cultures depend on rain for wealth and food.

Frogs are usually only a bad omen if water or rain is no longer present, or if frogs end up leaving an area; it could be a sign of a natural disaster about to strike or a haunted space that should be left alone.

What Different Color Frogs Symbolize

Frogs come in all different colors, including green, yellow, purple, red, blue, and other vivid shades. But depending on the color of a frog, there are unique meanings associated with it.

Brown Frog Meaning

Brown frogs symbolize concealment and versatility due to their connection to trees and nature. They represent stability and consistency, and act as a reminder to rest, slow down, and ground yourself.


Green Frog Meaning

A green frog represents good luck, prosperity, growth, and money. Tree frogs, pond frogs, and Lithobates clamitans are common frogs that have a green color.

Red Frog Meaning

Just like the color red, red frogs are associated with fire, health, courage, and power. They often appear as an encouraging sign to seek out adventure.

Blue Frog Meaning

Blue frogs symbolize wisdom, patience, communication, and water, as does the color blue, in general. They often represent a sign that you need to work through emotions within you and find your truth.

Yellow Frog Meaning

Depending on the frog, it can give two interpretations. The first is a yellow frog that is non poisonous. This frog symbolizes good omens, abundance, intelligence, and positive mental health.


The other is more gold in coloring and is poisonous. This frog represents danger.

White Frog Meaning

A white frog's symbolism changes depending on the culture. In some cultures, they represent innocence and purity, while in others they represent unrequited love or bad luck.

Black Frog Meaning

Black frogs represent uncovering secrets, protection, and the end of a cycle. Being visited by a black frog is a warning that you are being deceived by someone and that you must find out the truth.

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Frog Symbolism in Dreams

Dreaming of seeing a frog

If you see a frog in your dream, it's a good sign. Seeing a frog in its natural habitat (i.e., grass, river, field), it's good luck and means that everything is going swimmingly.


Dreaming of a frog biting you

If a frog bites you in your dream, it means you feel stuck in a situation, especially one you feel you can't handle. Remain focused and be careful of those around you; they may just be waiting for you to fail.

Dreaming of a frog in water

Dreaming of a frog in water means your life is about to become hard and filled with challenging obstacles. You may even be going through an emotionally challenging time. But this dream is also an encouraging sign to trust yourself.

Dreaming of chasing a frog

If you are dreaming about chasing a frog, it means you are put off by change.Change is going to happen, but you are resisting it for some reason. This dream is telling you to investigate why you don't want change and find a solution to it.

Dreaming of killing a frog

If you are dreaming about killing a frog, it can be interpreted two ways. The first is that this is a sign you have gained victory over your enemies. Another meaning is a warning of a death of a close loved one.


Dreaming of eating a frog

Dreaming of eating a frog has very different interpretations. This all depends on if you finish the frog, if you like the taste, what part you are eating, and so on. Most of the time, this dream symbolizes you being assertive and finding the positives in a negative situation.

Dreaming of a frog leaping

A frog leaping in your dream has a lot to do with your commitment. In other words, it is lacking.

Whether you are not giving your all to a relationship, your work, or any other aspect of your life is unknown. That is for you to figure out. This dream is telling you that you need to be aware or bad things will start happening.

Dreaming of a giant frog

If you are dreaming about a giant frog, you may feel like the world is depending on you. This dream is telling you that you feel burdened with responsibility and that it is directly draining you of energy.


Dreaming of multiple frogs jumping

Multiple frogs jumping in your dream means someone is taking advantage of you. Be aware because it may be someone you trust.

Dreaming of a talking frog

Dreaming about a talking frog symbolizes a feeling of hopelessness. It means you may feel incomplete and that something in your life desperately needs attention.

Dreaming of frog legs

Dreaming about frog legs, in particular, means your work environment is competitive. Regain control and never let anyone undercut you or your abilities. Trust in yourself and the work will show.

Dreaming of kissing a frog

If you dream about kissing a frog, it means you are yearning for your Prince Charming or whomever you wish to have a special close relationship with. It can also represent what your subconscious feels about your current relationship. This could be you holding back from going any further.


Dreaming of holding a frog

Holding a frog is one of the best dreams about a frog to have. It's a great sign that your wishes will come true in the near future. It also is encouraging you to believe in yourself and work towards your goals.

Frog Spirit or Totem Animal

Spirit animals are guides from the spiritual plane who help us on our journey throughout life. Totem animals are similar to spirit animals, but we only invoke them when we need their assistance.

You can't pick your spirit animal, but you will know if a frog is your spirit animal if you resonate with them or encounter them in some special way.

Those with a frog spirit animal are known to be outgoing, charming, spirited, and wise. They are attracted to water and often feel success comes easy to them.


People with this spirit animal are good at jumping into things and making the best of their situation. They find opportunities with ease and face difficult situations head-on.

Those with a frog as their spirit animal are good listeners and give the best advice. They always seem to understand people and relate to them. They also have a gift of knowing the right thing to say at all times for any situation.

If you have a frog as your totem animal, you can call on it when your intuition is off or when you need to connect with your higher self.

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Spiritual Meaning of Frogs in Christianity and the Bible

In the Old Testament, God sent frogs as a part of his plagues against Ancient Egypt. Exodus 8:1-25 says: "Go to Pharaoh and say to him, Thus says the Lord: Let My people go, that they may serve Me. But if you refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all your territory with frogs."

This made the pagan god of Egypt look malicious to her own worshippers. As such, casting frogs became a bad omen.

Frogs also appear in The New Testament in Revelation 16:13: "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.”


In this scripture, God uses frogs as a way to describe the repulsiveness of the three unclean spirits. It describes the frog as having the gift of tongues, but this isn't a good gift or miracle in the least. It is actually using this "miracle" to execute Satan's deception to rule the world.

The power of tongues is depicted as being supernatural, which is a power that comes from the devil. Putting all of this together, frogs represent unclean spirits in the eyes of God.

Spiritual Meaning of Frogs in Islam

Frogs are spiritual animals in Islamic culture. Frogs are a symbol of devotion to Allah in the Islamic eye. They represent devout faith in a person.

There is one story in the Muslim religion where the frog croaking is actually saying, "Subhana Allah," which translates to "God is perfect."


In another story, Nimrod tries to kill Abraham, but a frog saves Abraham from dying.

Spiritual Meaning of Frogs in Buddhism & Hinduism

In Buddhism, the frog is known to be wise and patient. It serves its purpose in the food chain and its singing is something Buddhists adore and appreciate in nature.

In Hinduism, the frog serves as a protector and represents transformation.

In one story, a king falls for a beautiful woman named Bheki, whom he marries on the condition that they never go near water. One day, Bheki becomes thirsty and demands a glass of water. When the king gives the glass, she melts and disappears into the sunset, implying that she turned into a frog.


Frog Symbolism in Mythology and Folklore

Central and South American Frog Symbolism

In pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, there were many tribes who worshiped a goddess known as Centeotl. She was the patron of childbirth and fertility and often took the form of a frog with udders.

Not only did frogs symbolize this goddess, but they were considered spirits of rain, and were often used in rituals intended to bring rain to the land.

Australian Aboriginal Frog Symbolism

In Australian culture, frogs are actually seen as good luck charms, and are even used to this day as a way to ward off evil spirits and bring about good fortune. This fortune isn't contained in events, but in the entirety of life.

The best-known creation story in Aboriginal culture contains a frog named Tiddalik. It's the story of a greedy frog that results in all of the water in the creeks, lakes, and rivers being depleted. This leads to the other animals working together to see it returned.


Native American Frog Symbolism

According to Native American culture, the frog symbolizes wealth and abundance. Many native tribes believe that frogs prevent loss and, as such, put small frog coins in purses to prevent the loss of money.

Frogs are depicted in many Native American paintings where the frog is touching another animal with its tongue. This is supposed to represent the sharing of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

There are other tribes that believe frogs are medicine animals who have special healing powers and have the ability to bring about rain. Additional tribes believe frogs are associated with disease and even bad luck.


To the Anishinaabe tribes, they represent transformation and growth. To Northwest Coast Native people, frogs symbolize springtime and renewal.

Celtic Frog Symbolism

In Celtic culture, frogs represent the Earth, fertility, and rain. They are believed to be great healers, and whenever one croaks it means rain is destined to come soon.

There are several Irish folktales that depict frogs as creatures of the underworld that were associated with witches. This was because they would often be used in potions and spells within these tales, which would become a cure for an ailment.

For example, one story said putting a frog in the mouth of a child with whooping cough three times and then letting the frog swim off in water would cure the child.


Far Eastern Frog Symbolism

Far Eastern cultures, in general, believe that frogs depict a feminine spirit (i.e., yin).

In China, as well as Japan, frogs bring prosperity, incredible good luck, and abundance. Stories from these cultures tell us that the Money Frog of China was the favored pet of the God of Wealth.

In Japan, frogs are regarded as the god of rainfall associated with the Tsuyu rainy season. It's said that if there are many frogs present during the season, a good harvest will happen.

Ancient Egyptian Frog Symbolism

In Ancient Egypt, the water goddess Heqet was often depicted as a woman with the head of a frog. She personified generation, birth, and fertility.


Heqet would sometimes be depicted with the body of a frog instead of the head, and frog amulets were very popular in Ancient Egypt as charms for fertility.

Many Ancient Egyptian citizens believed the frog to be a symbol of fertility, water, and renewal.

Ancient Greece Frog Symbolism

The Greeks believed frogs symbolize fertility and harmony. They were also deeply associated with Aphrodite and her debauchery.

Frog Tattoo Meaning

Frog tattoos can retain many interpretations and mean just about anything the person wants them to mean.

However, because frogs spiritually symbolize fertility, wisdom, purity and rebirth, someone might receive a frog tattoo if they want to expand their family, are going through a spiritual transformation, or have overcome troubles.


The best way to know what that frog tattoo means is to ask. Because frog tattoos could also mean that the person really just loves this creature.

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