What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Fish?

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Fish?

Fish is a spiritual symbol commonly associated with the zodiac sign Pisces, which literally means "fish" in Latin. Pisces are represented with two fish swimming in opposing directions.

What is the spiritual meaning of a fish?

The Fish is a protector, a sign of salvation. As a symbol shows you are adaptable, independent, and instinctive.

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Fish are commonly associated with the water element, which signifies stability, balance, and tranquility.

In some cases, water is seen as the protector of the body, the body’s most basic nourishment. The water element can act as a kind of antidote to the more extreme emotions and movements of the body.

However, water can also represent flood, totality: the immense range of water can also give it qualities of obscurity, and mystery.

The fish’s strong connection to the water element then gives it similar connotations of duality.

If water obscures a lot of hard decisions in life, the fish acts as a guide familiar with the world of the unknown. In this sense, it can act as a spiritual rock, a stabilizing force in the face of adversity.

What is the spiritual meaning of a fish

The fish as a spirit takes on different meanings in different cultures.

The fish, however, finds great symbolism in relation to the flood myth; that is, many cultures believe that a huge, apocalyptic flood signified the start of the world.

Fish as a symbol of Rebirth

The fish as a sign of rebirth can be seen in Mesopotamian flood stories and the Gun-Yu in Chinese mythology, just to name a few.

In these stories, the flood represents a great cleansing, total destruction in order to forward rebirth.

Fish as a symbol of salvation

When compared with the flood myth, the fish then represents salvation.

The Ojibwe clan associates the fish with long life and wisdom, while some Nilotic tribes along the Nile River see the fish as a sign of life-giving forces.

If water represents totality and freedom, the fish represents the ability to quickly navigate changing tides.

In times of difficulty, the fish, as a benevolent life-giver and as a guide, can be a great relief in hardship.

Fish as a guiding figure in Pagan and Greco-Roman Mythology

The fish as a life-giving force is also seen in many pagan traditions; the fish represents femininity, fertility, and reproduction, and are often symbolic of higher maternal beauty.

For example, in ancient Greco-Roman myth, Aphrodite (Venus) turned into a fish to escape the monster Typhon.

This myth shows how the fish comes to represent not only feminine beauty and fertility but also how femininity can be utilized to ensure speedy salvation.

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What the fish says about you, spiritually:

The fish as a spirit guide can tell a lot about a person. Here is what the fish says about you:

Fish spiritual meaning: You need to trust your instincts

If you identify strongly with the fish or start to see the fish appear more often in your life, it means that you should trust your instincts.

The fish is a symbol of love, so if your gut reaction tells you something is up with a new person in your life, or find your relationship with a current partner is at a turning point, don’t second guess your feelings!

Fish spiritual meaning: You need someone to lend you a helping hand!

The fish also acts as a guiding force in important, difficult decisions.

The fish also shows that nature is on your side!

If you are having a bad time, defer to the higher, more knowledgeable power.

You will find that in your time of greatest need Mother Nature will give you just the helping hand you need.

How the fish shows up in your personality:

You are easily able to navigate your emotions, which means you yourself can help others un-repress a lot of what is kept hidden.

When people feel tired, disconnected, and uncentered, you can help them re-find their focus and their purpose so they no longer feel as if they are “swimming against the current.”

Your innate understanding of the unknown and the obscured means you leave nothing under the surface.

You are not afraid of adversity, and that you only make drastic changes in your life when you’ve weighed out and charted all the possible outcomes.

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How the fish might appear in your life.

However, if you yourself feel lost, unsure, and adrift, look out for how the fish may appear in your life!

The fish most commonly appears in dreams and comes to those “fighting against the current” or at the precipice of a life-changing decision.

Spiritual meaning of fish in dreams:

Dreaming of fish

Dreaming of big fish, or big fish swimming in clear water means that you are at the precipice of a happy and prosperous event.

The fish in dreams represent a deep awakening that will only be triggered when you are at the start of a potentially challenging time in your life.

The fish is always there for those who need it the most, to help guide those who are lost in dark waters.


Eating fish

Eating fish in your dream means that your love life is not going the way you want it to. However, if you are buying a fish that means you are about to receive a great gift (potentially from a new partner!).

Fish eggs

Dreaming of fish eggs means that you are at the start of a new idea, but to dream of dead fish means that you will face great disappointment and dismay in your future.

Catching a fish

Dreaming of catching fish shows that you are in control. Temptations that will potentially unground you are no match for your self-restraint.

Dead fish

Dead fish, according to The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings by J.M. DeBord, means you might need to drop your current partner because they might be emotionally and sexually unresponsive in the relationship.

If you are single, it means that there is an omen of bad things to come.

Upside down fish

Upside down fish can be a more chaotic symbol. An upside-down fish, for a very specific person, means that everything is great, and their life is going as planned.

But for most people, it means that there is something diseased greatly disrupting the natural flow of your current.

Fish scales

Fish scales symbolize how you build relationships with other people. Seeing scaled fish in your dreams means that you will have great romance in your life.

However, if fish scales turn into more body-horror-esque stuff, be careful. If your tongue starts growing fish scales in your dreams, it means that there is something stopping you from communicating effectively with your partner.

If you are spitting out fish scales, that means you have a guilty secret that you need to tell someone.

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