7 Subtle Signs Of Spiritual Transformation

Metamorphosis, whatever this is?

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If you don't know the signs of spiritual transformation, you might not realize you're either experiencing a spiritual transformation or are on the verge of one.

A spiritual transformation is a fundamental change in your life.

Maybe it feels particularly noticeable during times of upheaval, like when you're experiencing lots of changes in your life.

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For example, maybe you've been feeling drawn to a particular place or person lately. Or you keep noticing repeating patterns of numbers or times. Perhaps you've gotten the urge to do something totally out of your normal comfort zone.

Well, you could be getting called to open yourself to growth, learning, and maturity in your personal journey.

As you traverse the various stages of life, you learn lessons. You change; you grow.

You go through a few spiritual transformations from all sorts of things in your life. It might be you feeling uncomfortable with a part of your life like your job, the place you’re living, friendships, life purpose, or sense of self.


When you experience a spiritual transformation, know that it’s for the better. By making a major shift in your life, you're opening yourself to the vast possibilities of the universe.

In psychology, a spiritual transformation is about understanding your meaning system, which deciphers all sorts of meanings of self-definition concerning concepts of the sacred or ultimate concern.

A spiritual transformation will most likely interfere with your daily life; it might make you question your reasoning and decisions. Spiritual transformation is about learning to make your inner understanding the source of your external actions in the world.

So how can you make sure you're aligning yourself where you need to be to make this momentous change occur?


Look for the signs of a spiritual transformation.

1. Something feels "stuck."

You might just feel like something in your life is stuck or out of place and you don’t know why.

It could be anything. Maybe it’s about your job not fulfilling you anymore, or your relationship with a significant other or a friend isn’t working out, but you're staying for whatever reason.

This also might be a feeling like your mind is stuck or empty.

If this is happening, you’ll realize you don't feel like doing anything much of the time and you find it hard to think or do anything about your situation.

2. It seems like you're arguing a lot more lately.

If you feel like conflict keeps popping up in all aspects of your life, it means you’re on the cusp of a spiritual transformation.


The universe is talking to you — this is a sign that you’re on a cusp of change. It's during this time that you need to determine what is beneficial for you, and what no longer serves you. By "serve," it means something or someone that leave you feeling like you're being held back.

Pay attention to where these arguments and conflicts are. Noting these patterns will help you look deeper and invite you to embrace your highest self.

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3. You have a hard time getting work done.

If you’re going through a spiritual transformation, you may feel like you’re having a really hard time trying to get work done. This is because old strategies aren’t working for you anymore.


If you feel like your go-to ways of doing things aren’t getting you the same results, this could be a sign that you need to accept change and grow.

You'll also feel like you aren’t as productive anymore. This is because all your energy is being used to undergo your transformation; you're growing mentally, and physical tasks may take a backseat.

4. You have an urge to resolve old issues and problems.

For some reason, you feel as if you need to solve something from this phase of your life before moving to the next. Because of this, you can find yourself looking backward to problems or issues you never solved and you want to make things right.

This could be old problems, grudges, and unfinished business with people in your life. It could also be doubts or ideas that you didn’t fully try and figure out.


However, even if you don’t act on resolving them, it’s good to process them by writing or by self-reflection.

This also works to help you release the things that don't serve you anymore, and old issues are a good thing to let go of.

5. You're really emotional.

It feels as if your raw emotion is starting to spill out of you and you can't help but let it happen. You might find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster.

It might feel weird and unnatural, but it's best not to try and bury the feelings and emotion because just like a storm, it’ll pass.

The best thing to do is to acknowledge what you're feeling, sit with it for a moment, and then let it go. Your emotions are valid, even if they feel overwhelming right now. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to your feelings is a sign of growth and maturity.


This will also give you the chance to become more in tune with your feelings.

6. You need lots of rest, but find it hard to sleep.

You haven't been sleeping well. You're waking up as tired as you were when you went to bed, and naps and strong coffee just don't cut it. That's because you're doing a lot of transformational work right now, and it's exhausting.

Do be mindful that this feeling of being sleepy all the time could be a warning sign of anxiety or depression, too. The trick to getting better is to listen to your body, validate your needs, and practice self-care.

Allow yourself to rest and take time off.

7. You’re experiencing changes within your body physically and spiritually.

You feel as if there’s somehow more space in your body or mind when you’re going through a spiritual transformation. You have more freedom for other things.


You also feel like you're maybe "shedding" a new skin and getting ready for something new. And that's because you are!

This also means you should pay attention to the areas of your body that feel heavier or experience pain regularly. Part of recognizing the signs of a spiritual transformation is making sure you're in tune with yourself mentally and physically in addition to spiritually.

If you feel like you're undergoing a spiritual transformation, listen to what your body needs, as it's a part of that change as well.

What a spiritual transformation looks like

When you’re having a spiritual transformation or about to undergo one, it’s not only positive things that occur.


Through the process of spiritual transformation, you could lose friends or even precious possessions because they aren’t meant to be part of your new phase in life.

The change in mindset is hard because it makes you "unlearn" a lot of things you believed in.

Think of yourself as a butterfly. You're readying the cocoon so you can undergo your change and become a butterfly.


But this change means you have to embrace the things that are coming while letting go of bad or old patterns, behaviors, and even people in your life.

In order to change, you have to get rid of the way things were, and often it will feel worse before it gets better.

In a spiritual transformation, things come up so they can get out. They have to manifest on their way out, and you need to let it happen.

The one thing you should keep in mind is no matter how many times you go through a spiritual transformation, know that no one has life figured out.

As you experience the signs of a spiritual transformation, know that like building muscle, you're going to feel sore for a little while, but in the end, you'll be stronger.


Be gentle with yourself as you grow. You're still learning.

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