10 Signs You're Not 'Hearing Voices' — You're Just Clairaudient

Hearing voices in your mind doesn't mean you're "crazy" — it means you're gifted.

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One of the most difficult psychic senses to develop is the sense of clairaudience.

The reason it's difficult is that it can be hard to discern the difference between your inner conscious voice and the information that you are receiving from "beyond the physical." This fact should not deter you from working with this wonderful gift!

What is clairaudience?

Clairaudience is a psychic ability where a person receives intuitive information through the sense of hearing beyond the physical senses. It involves perceiving sounds or messages from the spiritual realm or higher dimensions.


Clairaudience is the soul’s capacity to capture audio or sound information from beyond the limits of the physical sense of hearing. In addition, this information can be a form of mediumship because it can come from voices heard by loved ones, guides, angels, or the Divine.

Clairaudients experience messages through their inner or mind's ears as sounds, voices, or thoughts that are not heard through the physical ears. Clairaudience is not a mental illness but an ability that people may possess and can be developed through spiritual practices and exercises, meditation, or with the help of a spiritual teacher or guide.


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Clairaudience is for precognition, a sense to fight or flee a situation. It gives you insight, problem-solving skills, inspiration, or ideas to help you create. Other nuances include the ability to occasionally hear the thoughts of others, and learn about another person’s aura by hearing the name of color when you're next to another person.

You may hear a sound or voice that's exclusive to you that's outside of your mind. It exists whether you have a physical sense of hearing. These aspects must be considered to fully understand the sense.


How To Know If You're Clairaudient

If you want some clues as to whether you may be clairaudient, there are some personality traits you may possess. These traits are more prominent with clairaudient individuals than people who have other psychic skills as their primary sense.

1. You're a skeptic.

Clairaudient people do not like to be fooled and will want proof about any concept or idea presented to them. They must prove the idea to themselves before they will give any “standing” to the validity. A clairaudient will want to test or prove valid to their high standard.

2. You're detail-oriented.

A clairaudient is someone who does not mind getting the facts. Their investigative abilities are greater than most people because they want to get to the source of a situation or issue.

It is common for accountants, attorneys, or engineers to be clairaudient because of their persistence to get it right or not do it.


3. You're drawn to orange.

Orange is associated with creativity, but it is also the color for clairaudience. It is a difficult color to wear, but clairaudient folks may have some around them.

4. You may be sarcastic or arrogant or you do not filter your thoughts.

This is an issue for clairaudients because it can isolate them from conversations with friends or family. You may not be seen as being able to keep other people’s secrets but have many of your own.

5. You're considered difficult to get along with because you want to be in control.

This trait is not limited to clairaudients but can be a major personality trait for them. Inflexibility and the difficulty in being a “team” player make you a person that may work better alone.

6. You're a perfectionist.

A clairaudient does not settle for second-best. You may be a person that does not stop until you have maximized an opportunity.


7. You daydream... a lot.

Sure, everyone daydreams once in a while, but if you're clairaudient, you daydream often. Not only do clairaudients daydream way more, they actually report being able to hear internal or external voices, as well as having conversations in their daydreams.

8. You're an auditory learner.

One big clue that you may be clairaudient is if you prefer the auditory channel for learning.

Clairaudient people heavily rely on their sense of hearing because it is the one sense tied to their soul. This means they will learn easier by exercising this sense. You may be more inclined to listen to an audiobook instead of reading the actual book, for example.

9. You tend to talk to yourself.

If you notice that you talk to yourself, whether it is to calm down after a fight or to rerun a conversation in your head, you might be clairaudient.


Many of us have some control over our internal dialogue, but the voice of those with clairaudience is our spirit guiding us and telling us the truth. So if you do this, pay attention to what is being said.

10. You enjoy the quiet.

Being clairaudient, you may be constantly subjected to noises and voices throughout your life. This means your head can become very crowded and chaotic at times. So when you have a chance to really experience quiet, you take it.

Not only does this allow you to take a break, but it also gives you time to listen to what is going on in your head and understand it.

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The hard aspects of a clairaudient personality should not necessarily be considered negative. The reason is that these traits are needed to complement other personalities. Clairaudients may be considered Type A people, but they get things done and can have leadership qualities.

These personality traits are associated with people who may not believe in psychic abilities at all. They may not possess other psychic personality traits, or they are overshadowed by their clairaudient tendencies.

A clairaudient needs to seek balance and attempt to trust their other senses, and not just depend upon the voices and sounds that they have grown to depend upon to get the results they want.

Why You Should Listen to the Voices in Your Head

If you're strong with this ability, it can be a "door opener" for your other psychic senses. It can be the first psychic sense to alert you of an opportunity that your other gifts such as your clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, psychic smell, and taste will embellish upon.


This psychic sense enriches you, helps with your soul’s growth, assists you with direction in your life, gives perspective, and it exists whether you have the physical sense of hearing or not. Your psychic ability allows you to have an "edge" in life when you need it and assists when you ask the universe to give you guidance.

1. Clairaudience can be a warning of an impending issue that will require your full attention.

Precognition of a future event through a voice or symbolic sound in your head is valuable and those who listen to it can be prepared to handle a potential surprise or crisis. Discounting this voice because your logical mind concludes it is a false alarm may cause you to regret it later.

2. Clairaudience can raise your attention level and alert you to a potentially harmful situation.

Your heightened senses that are activated are your other psychic and physical senses. They react by noticing any sensations or activities that may be out of place from a normal scenario.

3. Clairaudience can give you the answer to a problem or issue you've been trying to work out.

It's different from using your logical mind because the answer is an unprovoked audio response that may or may not come while you are thinking about the item in question. The logical mind builds consensus and can use trial and error for problem-solving, while clairaudience simply gives the solution.


4. Clairaudience will inspire you.

Inspiration is a feature that all the psychic senses share. With clairaudience, it's unique from the sound.

A new idea that's "first heard" is different from being "first felt, seen, smelled, tasted, or just known." Another key element is following up on the idea that you heard and trusting its validity.

5. Clairaudience is a gift from the universe.

New literature, music, or technology can be first heard by the soul’s capturing the information from beyond. Trusting the soul and its voice is rewarding because it can bring much joy and happiness.

6. Clairaudience makes you aware of other people's thoughts.

Hearing the thoughts of another person is not uncommon. It can occur as a wave of information. Being aware of hearing another person’s thoughts is not an intrusion unless the information is used improperly. It is simply another aspect of the gift.


7. Clairaudience allow you to see a person's aura.

It should not be a surprise that a person's aura can be sensed by sound. The knowledge of an aura is another tool available to you via clairaudience. If you hear the color of another person’s aura, you can be aware of their mood, disposition, or their intentions.

8. Clairaudience helps you find your mantra.

Meditation can be used to ask the universe to provide you with a "mantra." A mantra is a word or phrase that you receive from the universe that gives you direction on the type of behavior you should engage in for an upcoming meeting or event.

You may not understand the reason you've received the "heads up" until you're at your meeting or event, but it will make sense once you are there.

9. Clairaudience gives you perspective.

Your soul’s voice helps you understand a set of facts that may have escaped you in the past. Experience can be a good teacher but gaining comprehension of them is another matter. Clairaudience and your soul’s voice explain data in manners that make sense to you and assist you in maturing.


10. Clairaudience means your mind can hear.

Hearing is a precious sense, but you can have your clairaudience without the physical sense of hearing. The reason is that it exists beyond the physical sense and works within your mind and with your soul. Sound remains a part of your life without the physical sensations, but it's only known to you.

11. Clairaudience gives you a 'direct voice.'

This aspect is usually associated with the mediumship element of clairaudience, but it can be a sound that only you hear. Your soul’s energy extends beyond your body and can communicate to use by messaging you outside of your mind.

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How To Develop Clairaudient Skills

1. Exercise your throat chakra.

Clairaudience is actually strongly associated with the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. Learning to exercise and open this chakra will help you strengthen your abilities.


One way to do this is by singing or toning. You can practice making different types of sounds. Go high then low, soft then loud, and even try to experiment with sounds that are almost inaudible.

2. Meditate.

Meditation is a big tool to use to develop and strengthen your clairaudience. Meditation helps one practice mindfulness, which a person with psychic abilities truly needs in order to stay sane in chaos.

Try meditating with music instead of in a completely quiet room. If you do this, you can also use a practice many clairaudient people do, which is zeroing in on a specific instrument from the whole.


3. Play the sound game.

Playing the sound game will help develop your gift. It may sound silly, but it's a legitimate practice that clairaudient people use.

Get comfortable and close your eyes. While having your eyes closed, focus on the sounds you hear. Identify them and then try to isolate each sound you hear. Doing this helps to strengthen your focus and auditory skills.

4. Ask questions.

One way to get guidance is to ask your higher beings for help. Ask to receive auditory messages that will guide you to strengthen your psychic abilities.

If you have a specific question, focus on that and listen for a response. This message can be received through a conversation, lyrics of a song you hear on the radio, or a completely random sound.


Your logical inner voice is different from your psychic inner voice. Your clairaudient voice is a rebel. It doesn't follow rules and regulations.

The audio information is like its sister senses in that it comes without warning and the information it gives will move you. It can be profound and alter your life when it appears.

You will notice that the information you receive is not in your normal thought patterns. It's unusual, uncommon, and can even be a nag. Being annoyed until you act upon your thoughts is common because it can be unrelenting.

Paying attention to your inner voice and its nuances of it is essential in developing this psychic ability. So is trusting your sense of clairaudience, as it is an area you will need to develop. It requires careful consideration because the information you may receive is not always correct.


Clairaudience, like your other psychic abilities, is a private gift that must be used with caution. Confidence in using your ability takes time to develop and must be used responsibly. Using your gift properly is empowering and can enrich the lives of others.

Some subject matter and ideas expressed in this article are derived from John Cappello's psychic development book, "Soul Exercises for the Open Mind."

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John Cappello, M.B. A., is a practicing psychic medium, astrologer, radio talk show host, and author of metaphysical books and children’s books about angels.