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Woman Finds AirTag In Daughter's Jacket & Realizes Her Ex Has Been Tracking Them

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A mother made a shocking discovery after bringing her daughter home from her ex’s house that had other people urging her to document the evidence to use in a custody battle. 

In a TikTok video that has generated over 1 million views, the mother revealed her disturbing find. 

She claims she found an AirTag in her daughter’s jacket that her ex-boyfriend allegedly placed.

The woman, Ikiera, has a three-year-old daughter whom she shares custody with her ex-boyfriend. The pair have been broken up for two years and she shares that her ex has been trying to get full custody of their toddler ever since. 

For now, the arrangement involves Ikiera having their daughter during the week while her ex takes her on the weekends. 

One evening after picking their daughter up from her father’s, the mother received a notification on her phone that there was an AirTag near her location. 

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An AirTag is a tracking device developed by Apple and is designed to help people find missing personal belongings. 

The devices can be placed in various objects to keep track of their whereabouts. They can also be used to track people by slipping them into their purses or articles of clothing without their knowledge. 

Ikiera knew that the AirTag was somewhere in her house and was eventually able to trace it by playing music through it. 

She could not believe where she found it. 

Ikiera realized that the music was coming from the hood of her daughter’s jacket, where the AirTag had been stuffed inside. 

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The mother had to cut through her daughter’s hood to fish it out. “He [Ikiera’s ex] decided to put an AirTag in her jacket,” she confirmed. 

Ikiera sought out advice from other TikTok users, asking if all parents took these measures when they split custody of their children. 

“Is this normal? Is this a normal human being thing to do?” she asked. “Is this legal? I don’t know what to do.” 

TikTok users believed that Ikiera’s ex was trying to secretly stalk her and their daughter. 

“I feel like it could be perfectly innocent IF HE TOLD YOU. But no this isn’t normal,” one user commented. 

"For safety, if you both discussed it, I would understand, but gives that vibe he wants to see where you take her," another user pointed out. 

“Girl that is not okay!!!! Take that man to court,” another user suggested. 

However, other users did not see an issue, claiming it was for safety reasons.

“If I could afford air tags I would definitely put one on my kid,” one user admitted. “I would do this for my child! It’s for safety. Just ask him about it,” another user shared. 

“I think it’s normal, with everything going on with this world he’s playing it safe,” another added. 

Others suggested that Ikiera use it to her advantage to mess with her ex-boyfriend. 

“Put the air tag at a nightclub,” one user recommended. “Take it to Costa Rica!” another commented. 

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In a follow-up video, Ikiera shared that she wound up confronting her ex-boyfriend about the AirTag. 

“He said that he was collecting addresses that I take my daughter to,” the mother claimed. 

Upon her revelation, TikTok users encouraged her to take him to court.



“What you do and where you go on your parenting time is none of his business.. I’d call a lawyer that’s insane!!” one user wrote. 

“Make sure you record any and all conversations you have with him from now on. And document everything,” another user advised. “He’s stalking you and your child. That’s so wrong.” 

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