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Video Of Woman Sneaking Child Into Dad's House Through A Window After He Said He Had COVID Sparks Debate

Photo: TikTok
Video Allegedly Shows Mom Sneaking Kid Into Dad's House After He Said He Had COVID

COVID fears have been reignited by the ongoing Omicron onslaught that has broken records in the United States every single day and only seems to be getting worse.

And since many of people are doing their best not to catch or spread the virus, it can be upsetting to see others not doing the same.

That's why one TikTok showing a mom appearing to allow her child to go over to her father’s house while the father is sick with COVID has divided viewers.

The viral video of a mother sneaking her son into his father’s house has sparked a COVID debate.

The video, which has received over 2.1 million views at the time of writing, is a 21-second clip with the caption, “I told her I got COVID, I can’t get my kids… Look what she did.”

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In the video, you can see a woman about two rooms over, sneaking her son into his father’s home through the window, leaving the child with his allegedly infected father and quickly departing the house.

The child can be seen instantly walking over to the father with a smile on his face, ready to spend time with his dad and have a good time, but many online are worried about the situation the mother has just put the child in.

Everyone is quick to assume they know everything about anything, including the situation between the mother and the father and whatever goes on with their children — which includes a daughter that isn’t in the video.

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Navigating child custody and childcare is difficult at the best of times but — as many single parents will know — the pandemic has made things even tougher.

Many were critical of the mom for putting her child at risk.

The details of this family and their situation remains unclear but some had no pity for the woman considering she placed her child into a dangerous situation where he can potentially contract the virus, eventually putting her at risk too once she picks him back up.

“Why knowingly expose them. So you can go to the club this weekend?” said one of the top comments.

“Yea if she had it she would have to keep them still. But why would she wanna drop them off and expose them to it?” said another.

Others recognized that the situation is nuanced and there could be many reasons why the mother needed to drop her child off at his father's home.

“On one hand she wrong,” one user says. “On the others still gotta work and parenting don’t stop when we get sick.

Some even questioned whether the father was telling the truth about having COVID.

Some people seem to be under the impression that he’s lying and that she’s dropping the children off anyway because it’s his responsibility, COVID or not.

Regardless of that, a lot of people in the comments seem to be cracking jokes and making fun of the situation, saying things like “My son’s dad always has covid on the weekends,” or “part of being a parent is no excuses.”

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