Woman Takes Legal Action Against Her Ex-Boyfriend After He Refuses To Give Her Dog Back

She says she's called the police.

dog custody battle @lainaloumillz / TikTok 

A woman on TikTok is seeking advice from other users amid a custody battle with her ex-boyfriend over their pet dog. The woman claims that she was the sole provider of the dog, and now her ex-boyfriend wants the dog to live with him full-time. 

The video has received nearly one million views since being posted. “I just need to know if anybody else has ever dealt with something like this before, and if you have I need your advice,” the woman started her video. 


She is now taking legal action against her ex over their dog's custody arrangement.

In a previous video, Miller stated that she and her ex-boyfriend split six weeks ago. They would switch who had their dog, Leo, every two weeks. However, Miller claimed that she is the one who handles all of Leo’s needs.

“I work at a vet clinic, I’m a vet tech and I pay for all of his stuff medically, healthwise, everything like that he’s taken care of better than me honestly,” Miller shared. 



She added that her name is on all of Leo’s veterinary bills and that he was a stray dog that she and her boyfriend did not purchase or adopt from a shelter. 


Miller shared that a few days prior when she went to pick up Leo from her ex, he refused to give the dog back to her. “He tells me that he’s taking his dog back,” she shared. 

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“Obviously, I fight him on it, I don’t know who the f–k he thinks he’s talking to with this.” Miller then told her ex-boyfriend that she was taking him to court in an attempt to maintain the original custody plan of their dog. 

Leo’s microchip is registered under Miller’s name and she said she’s printed all of his food receipts and medical records as proof that she has always been Leo’s sole caretaker when it came to his expenses and she received no financial support from her ex-boyfriend. 


Miller stated that she planned a meeting with a lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to hers before.

“Am I doing all I can do?” she captioned her post. “It’s taking everything in me not to go to where he [her ex] lives and steal my dog back. He’s my child, my only light. I mean I live for this dog. I’m fuming, I’m heartbroken, I’m devastated.” 

She added that the police department in her county is not returning her phone calls. 

TikTok users flooded Miller with support in the comments section. 

“Split custody for dogs does not exist…dog is registered to you, it’s your dog. Period. You’re good babe, get that dog back!” one user wrote. 


“That baby is registered to you mama,” another commented. 

Other users offered their suggestions and advice on how Miller should move forward with the situation. 

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“I’ve dealt with it and won. Pets are considered property, see if you can find a bill of sale. Be annoying with the courts until you get him back,” one user shared. 

“Have a friend 'find' your dog and take it to a random vet clinic to get checked for a chip. Then he’s back with you and your ex can’t do anything,” another user suggested. 

Miller posted a follow-up video thanking users for their support and providing an update on her situation. 




She shared that her lawyer was impressed by all of the evidence she had with her and that they are in the process of composing a letter to her ex-boyfriend demanding that he return the dog within 10 days or else the case will be taken to court. 

She added that the police station eventually returned her phone calls and advised her to hire a civil lawyer. Miller hopes that once her ex-boyfriend gets the letter, he will return the dog without getting a judge involved. 




Miller is confident she will get Leo back to where he belongs soon. “Gloves are off, I’m taking the damn dog, dumba–!” she fired back to her ex. 

Miller added her Venmo information in her TikTok account bio so that those who wish to assist her with possible court costs can donate.

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