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Woman Records Herself Confronting Man She Claims Is Stalking Her After Realizing He Is Tracking Her Movements

Photo: TikTok
Stalker TikTok

Being a female-presenting person in this day and age can be terrifying.

With the ever-growing presence of the internet, people think it’s okay to simply say or do whatever they want.

Due to this, we’ve seen a growing trend of people doing whatever they want and creating some terrifying situations, which one woman decided to talk about on social media.

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She made a video on TikTok to share her harrowing experience with a stalker.

The woman revealed the stalker, one of her neighbors, waits for her outside her car in an attempt to talk to her.

The user, Kiki Wormy (@secretworldof.kiki), shared the experience in a now-viral TikTok.



The video is of Wormy in her car, explaining how the man “races down” to her home after he notices her pulling into the neighborhood.

“He literally will not leave me alone,” she explained. “One time I had to run into my house because if I don’t get out of my car fast enough, which it’s too late now — he literally won’t stop harassing me asking for my number.”

The camera pans to show the man waiting behind her car, with what appears to be his dog on a leash.

As she gets out of the car to grab her dog from the back seat, he immediately tries to get her attention, yelling "hey."

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In an effort to be polite, she responds back but immediately shuts down as he continues to yell at her, asking for her name.

She continues to ignore him as he also asks how old she is before Wormy finally snaps.

“Can I be honest?” she yells at him. “It’s super inappropriate that you like to run down the street and wait for me to get out of the car. I don’t really think that’s cool.”

He doubles down, explaining that he just “wanted to say hi to the dog” but Wormy doesn’t budge, continuing to explain that she’s setting a boundary and it’s not okay that he’s crossing it.

Following the initial video, Wormy responded to people saying he was stalking her.

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After the first video was posted, people started to point out that he was getting familiar with her schedule.

“He’s learning your schedule, he’s learning your movements, your routine. Change up your routine to keep him guessing and give up. And, keep protection,” one user wrote.

Wormy then posted a follow-up video with her reply to the comments under her original video.



“So, I’m going to be honest guys — I did not realize this was as bad of a situation as it is until I posted this TikTok,” she explained.

“This is the fifth interaction I’ve had with him. I usually sprint to my house before he gets down the street so that I don’t have to interact with him.”

Others recommended that she get a ring camera to note when he’s by the house and to take her car to the mechanic to double check nothing has been tampered with or put something there to track her. 

However, one comment rings more true than ever and reads “Totally normal for women to underestimate problems. We’re taught it’s not so bad.”

It’s true that women underestimate their problems until they become bigger and scarier than they could imagine. 

Unfortunately, it’s safer to be vigilant than unaware. 

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