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Bride Praised For 'Genius' Survey She Gave Her Bridesmaids

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A bride who shared her trick to planning the perfect wedding is being praised on TikTok for how she kept the peace with her bridesmaids.

The bride shared a survey she sent her bridesmaids while planning her wedding.

In the TikTok video, the bride showed a glimpse of the in-depth survey that asked the bridesmaids their preferences for the wedding.

The TikToker, Regina, who is also a former event planner, posted a seven-second video showing her phone as she scrolls through the long survey with numerous short and long-form questions. 



The video caption reads, "POV: you're a member of my bridal party who just got the link to my bridal party planning survey asking everything from dress color preference to budget for a [bachelorette] party.”

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In another video, the bride has given her viewers a run-through of what the survey entails and why she did it.

The survey consisted of three sections, the first one included questions about the wedding weekend, the second had questions about the bachelorette party and the third had miscellaneous questions. 



In the first section, the survey the bridesmaids' preferences when it comes to hair and makeup for the big day. 

“I also asked questions to understand their comfort with costs as well as color for their outfit, for the wedding whether it was the dress, pantsuit, romper, whatever,” Regina adds in the video.

Regina later wanted to know the availability of the bridesmaid for the bachelorette party and how much they were willing to spend.

As a helpful guide for the bridesmaids, the survey also included a link to an article that detailed the costs an average bachelorette party has.

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“To understand how they want to use their time, I also asked questions of like what do they really want to do in a bachelorette [party]," the bride said. "What would they maybe not feel as comfortable with? Would they rather be on a boat rather than at a spa?”

Finally, the last section covered general things about the wedding and where the bridesmaids would want to be most involved.

Additionally, Regina also included the dates of the major events so that everyone could plan accordingly.

She said, “I'm so lucky to have them as part of my bridal party, so I want to make sure this is an experience that they get a lot out of.”

Regina wanted to make sure everyone had fun and enjoyed the day to the fullest.

Internet users praised the bride for this genius idea.

Everyone thought the idea of giving a survey to the bridesmaids was amazing.

Anyone who has been involved in a wedding knows how much time and money goes into it, so giving a survey to the bridesmaids felt like a good way to understand everyone’s preferences and have a smoother wedding.

One user wrote, “I love this and feel this is so fair and needs to be transparent!”

Another user wrote, “Thank you for giving this choice to your girls! I’m a bridesmaid and everything was solely [chosen] by the bride and her [maid of honor].”

People loved the survey so much that many wanted a link to it so they could use it for their weddings.

One person wrote, “How can we reach this link? I would love to make a copy of it! it’s genius!”

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