Fiancé Calls Off Wedding After Learning What Happened On Bride's Bachelorette Party

Did she go too far and ruin her big day?

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A woman who fears she may have cost her friend her marriage took to Reddit's "r/AmITheA-hole" to open up about how her actions led to her pal's fiancé calling off their wedding.

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When a woman told her boyfriend about a bachelorette trip, he informed the groom who has now broken off the engagement.

In her now-deleted post, she says she has been with her fiancé Jake for six years, and his best friend Mark is engaged to Jessica.

To celebrate her engagement to Mark, Jessica decided to throw a bachelorette weekend party, and the woman says this was a wild trip.

"There was a stripper, some girls took 'party pills,' girls were getting black-out drunk, and there was an inappropriate scavenger hunt the bride participated in." 

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The scavenger hunt entailed things that many would consider cheating on your partner, such as "kissing a stranger, having a stranger put money in your top, body shots, etc," the woman says in her post.

After she returned, her fiancé could see something was not right, so he asked what happened, and she told him she wouldn't be going on a trip with them again and then decided to tell him everything that happened. 

Jake then told Mark, and after Mark heard everything, he broke off the engagement, mere weeks before the wedding was due to take place.

The bride knew who 'snitched.'

"Jessica knows I'm the reason Jake knew and what happened and called me freaking out and saying how it was her last night being single and I shouldn't be judging her. She said I should have talked to her about it. We got into an argument and she called me a b--ch."


The woman says she does feel bad that the wedding is called off but is unsure if she is in the wrong for what she did. Before the post was deleted, she posted an update saying that multiple bridesmaids are texting her, saying she is an awful friend.

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She also said all the bridesmaids' boyfriends demand to see the pictures the original poster took during the night. The woman also says she is getting messages from Jessica's family saying she overstepped.

Comments say the original poster is NTA.

Comments say that the woman is NTA and, in fact, helped Mark dodge a bullet saying that her excuse of it being "her last night to be single" is a blatant lie because she wasn't single; she was engaged to Mark and immediately broke the bond between the two. 


Many agreed with the comment, saying they don't understand the 'It's my last night single' excuse saying that "No, you're in a relationship; you are not single. Cheating rules remain before the bachelorette party, just as they would be after signing the marriage certificate," one user said.

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