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Snoop Dogg Says ‘Gold Digging Season Is Here’ After Being Named In Scathing Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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Snoop Dogg

A woman has filed a lawsuit against rapper Snoop Dogg, and his long-time friend Bishop Don Juan, alleging that the two men sexually assaulted her back in 2013.

The accuser claims that both men forced her to perform oral sex on them after she attended a Snoop Dogg concert in May 2013.

Shortly after the meeting, Snoop Dogg shared a post to his Instagram, writing that "gold digging season is here," which might have been a jab at his accuser.

Who is the woman accusing Snoop Dogg of sexual assault?

The claim was filed anonymously and the woman's identity has not been revealed for safety reasons. She being referred to as Jane Doe in court documents.

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In the complaint filed on Thursday, Jane Doe, is described as a professional dancer, host, model, actress, and spokesmodel, alleges that she had worked for Snoop Dogg, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., and Don Juan as a backup dancer for their concerts in exchange for gifts.

The woman claims she was assaulted by both Snoop Dogg and Don Juan on the same night.

Doe alleges that she and her friend had went to one of Snoop Dogg's concerts that was held at Club Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, California. The woman and her friend had went to the VIP area during the event, and happened to end up running into Don Juan.

That's when Don Juan invited Doe and her friend to come back with them to Snoop Dogg's studio, where after a couple of hours, Don Juan told her, "I can take you home or I can take you back to my place with me" and she asked to be taken home," according to the complaint.

The woman fell asleep in the car, and when she woke up, she realized they were pulling into Don Juan's home instead of her own. The woman ended up falling asleep at Don Juan's home but was promptly woken up at 4 a.m. to Don Juan forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

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The woman claims that Don Juan later woke her up and urged her to accompany him to a taping of 'Snoop Dogg's Double G News Network,' telling her that it would be big "career move."

While at the taping, the woman alleges that Snoop Dogg followed her to the bathroom where he forced her to perform oral sex on him and mastrubated in front of her, according to the lawsuit.

She reportedly felt pressured by Snoop Dogg "due to his dominance, and his position of power over her, including his ability to hire and fire her and ensure that she would never be hired in his industry again," the court documents said.

The woman reportedly tried to settle the complaint before filing the lawsuit. 

The woman's attorney, Matt Finkelberg, said that his client "refuses to be silenced and intimidated any longer."

"Our client's hope is to inspire other victims of sexual harassment, assault, and battery to understand that they have rights, will be protected, and although they are victims, they will not have to be silenced forever," Finkelberg told NBC News.

According to the documents, the woman attempted to resolve the issue in a private mediation that was held on Tuesday, but found that the discussions were "unsuccessful."

The woman is suing Snoop Dogg for alleged violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, sexual battery, and sexual assault.

The allegations come ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show where Snoop Dogg is scheduled to appear, as well as the rapper's announcement that he had acquired and is now officially in charge of Death Row Records.

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