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Did Celina Powell Have An Affair With Snoop Dogg? New Details About Her Claims And Why His Wife Is Sticking By Him

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Did Celina Powell Have An Affair With Snoop Dogg? New Details About Her Claims And Why His Wife Is Sticking By Him

Celina Powell is known to stir the pot. In 2018, she claimed she had an affair with Snoop Dogg just months after she falsely professed Cardi B's boo Offset got her pregnant. The self-proclaimed "Black Widow," who boasts about having relationships with rappers who are taken or married, was insisting that Snoop Dogg, 48, had been cheating on his wife with her.

In 2018, a reported claimed that Powell revealed she and "The Joker's Wild" host had been secretly seeing each other for months. She said Snoop Dogg FaceTimed her 15 times and met with her on several occasions outside of her hometown in Denver.

The Instagram model exposed the rapper by posting multiple screenshots of the alleged messages between her and Snoop Dogg, saying they exchanged intimate photos with each other. Although Powell has since made her social media accounts private, fans did their thing and screenshot every post.

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The tea gets better. Snoop acted as if nothing was going on and didn't address the rumors at all — at least not directly. He remained active on Instagram and promoted his upcoming show Clout Chasers, which sounded a lot like a strategically-timed clap back at Powell's claims.

When Powell's claims first happened in 2018, the rapper said in a video, "Be on the look out for my new, new TV show. This is a good one. It's called 'Clout Chasers.' First episode, next week. Be sure to check it out." 

The series looks into the lives of people who "associate themselves with the success of a popular person or a current contemporary trend to gain fame and attention." And the promo featured the one and only Celina Powell. What a coincidence.

Powell denied that Snoop set her up. “Clout Chasers is fake... He did not set me up, I set him up. I wasn’t even going to put him on blast until he did me wrong, and left me on the curb to get my own (Uber) ride,” she said.

She took to Twitter to tell Snoop he was in hot water with her.

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“Back in June, he and I were cool,” she wrote. “I wouldn’t have said sh– if he didn’t do some bullsh– three days ago... People do me so foul, but when I do something back I’m the bad guy. Y’all will see a whole different side of me soon.”

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But what about the rapper's wife, Shante Broadus? Although Snoop Dogg's wife didn't appear to be fazed by the scandal at first and had even posted a photo of her wedding ring amid the whole ordeal, it seems like she may have finally spoken out about it. The rapper and Broadus, who were high school sweethearts, married in 1997, and filed for divorce in 2004 due to "irreconcilable differences," but eventually made the decision to stay together.

They renewed their vows in 2008, and have three children together. Other than admitting to being a professional pimp from 2003-2004 — which he thankfully stopped doing to spend more time with his family — there haven't been any other cheating claims levied against the rapper.

However, in December 2019, Broadus posted a very cryptic message on her Instagram, which seemed to be a reference to Snoop Dogg's supposed affair with Powell.

And even more telling is the fact that the post came right after Powell's new YouTube video, where she spoke about her relationship with the rapper. In the Instagram post, Broadus wrote, "Where Did We Go Wrong. U ever watch somebody u love turn into somebody u dont know [sad face] [broken heart]."

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