'Hype House' Star Jack Wright Breaks His Silence On Allegations That TikToker Sienna Mae Sexually Assaulted Him

He claims he's not the only victim.

Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright YouTube

TikTok star Jack Wright has broken his silence on allegations that he was sexually assaulted by fellow TikToker Sienna Mae Gomez in 2021.

The pair, who were set to star in Netflix's "Hype House" reality TV series before the accusations came to light, found themselves in the midst of a media storm in May 2021 when a mutual friend claimed that Gomez sexually assaulted Wright numerous times.

While Wright has stood by these claims in a number of statements, he has never spoken at length about the details until now. 


Gomez, who has denied the accusations and continued to make content on her platforms, is now facing new scrutiny after Wright's recent YouTube video.

What happened between Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright?

Wright's sexual assault claims against Gomez brought an end to what had been a high-profile friendship and rumored romance.

Here’s a full run-down of what happened between Gomez and Wright, the allegations of bullying, sexual assault, and body-shaming, and how Gomez responded to the backlash.


Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright were rumored to be dating.

Gomez and Wright, who were hometown friends before gaining a TikTok following, were believed to have been dating in early 2021 as they regularly shared intimate TikToks but never officially confirmed their relationship.

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In his recent video, Wright insists that they were never a couple and he tried multiple times to place boundaries on their friendship but Gomez repeatedly ignored this.

While addressing the allegations in 2021, Gomez also claimed that Wright was the one who refused to define the relationship despite allegedly telling her he loved her. She says she believes it was all for social media attention.


Rumors that the two had ended their relationship began to swirl when Wright’s brother, James, shared a TikTok with the caption, “It takes a few too many times to see my twin hurting until I need to get involved to stop it.”

Jack Wright then shared a cryptic message of his own about liking “people who don’t lie and respect boundaries.”

Jack Wright’s friend accused Sienna Mae of sexual assault.

Mason Rizzo, who claims to be Jack and James Wright’s best friend since kindergarten and knows Gomez from high school, then released a statement about Gomez’s alleged history of abuse.

“I struggle with seeing a girl getting praised after telling my best friend to kill himself and sexually assaulting him numerous times after he set boundaries and then reportedly wonder why 'he doesn't like [her] back,'” he wrote.


“She also has a history of verbally abusing people in high school and in LA. She prioritizes the growth of her platform rather than the positive message she represents herself as.”

James Wright appeared to support the allegations by retweeting Rizzo’s statement adding, “This is why I ‘couldn’t just let it go and stay out of it.’”


Sienna Mae Gomez has denied the claim that she assaulted Jack Wright.

As more and more of Gomez’s supporters hit the unfollow button, she took to Instagram to address the claims.

"Friends fight and relationships sometimes change, but allegations of a criminal act are not to be thrown around loosely. Making an untrue sexual assault claim is never okay. I am beyond saddened by this situation," she wrote.

Rizzo also deleted his original statement and tweeted to say that all families and parties involved had decided to handle the situation off of social media.

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Sienna Mae addressed the sexual assault allegations in a video.

The TikTok star released a video addressing Wright's claims. 

“I unequivocally deny the allegations that I sexually assaulted Jack Wright,” she stated in the YouTube video. “I’m not making an apology video […] I didn’t want to bring this online, but this has got to a point where my name is being dragged in the mud and I’m going to stand up for myself and tell the truth.”

Gomez insinuated that Wright had been using her and their relationship for views.

She claimed that Wright had been a victim of a sexual assault that was not perpetrated by her but didn’t go into further detail about what happened.


She then addressed James, saying she was surprised he was so outspoken on an issue he relates closely to.

“It would really suck if a large group of people including some of my closest guy friends and my brother had to share the experiences that they’ve had with you,” she added. “Saying that I sexually assaulted your twin is very bold especially coming from you.”

Jack Wright stood by the allegations of sexual assault.

After Gomez shared her video, Wright doubled down on the claims made by his brother and friend writing, “Mason and James’s only intention was to protect me with the truth.”

Wright added that he encourages "Sienna to get the help she needs." Later, Wright allegedly liked and unliked a comment saying that the allegations are true. 


A video allegedly showing Sienna Mae sexually assault Jack Wright was released.

A mutual friend shared footage from a party where he says Wright was "passed out." 

The video suggests that Gomez kissed and groped Wright while he was in this state.

Gomez released a second video in which she breaks down this footage and claims it was edited. She claims Wright was awake and a willing participant in this interaction.

Wright, in his recent video, insists that this footage is evidence of assault.


Jack Wright broke his silence and claimed Sienna Mae sexually assaulted him numerous times.

After months of silence and being largely edited out of the Hype House's Netflix show, Wright shared a cryptic TikTok about Gomez.

“Can’t stay quiet anymore especially when other guys in LA told me what she did to them as well,” he stated in the video.

“I’m done being gaslighted and silenced. Y’all deserve to know."

He has now followed up with an emotional YouTube video in which he details several occasions where Gomez allegedly sexually assaulted him.

He describes a pattern of Gomez “breaking into [his] house,” with Wright waking up to “her hand in [his] pants.”


“It was just normal for me,” he said. “Part of me wants to blame myself for being nice and sticking around after so many, so many times."

He says she would attempt to coerce him into have sexual encounters, break into the bathroom while he was showering and several other upsetting claims.

Jack Wright also shared messages from other people claiming Sienna Mae had sexually assaulted them.

In the messages, these people claim they had experienced similar situations with Gomez and show their support for Jack.

Gomez has not yet responded to the most recent claims.


Gomez has also been accused of body-shaming.

At the time of Wright's original allegations, some social media users took the opportunity to point out some of Gomez’s other controversial moments, particularly in relation to body positivity.

Gomez has become known for her celebration of her curvy body and stomach rolls — however, has taken some heat in the past for her role in body-shaming.

Gomez once shared a TikTok mocking a post shared by a fellow creator Olivia Ponton after she had posted a video with the caption, “Just ate.” Some felt this was her body-shaming Ponton.

Gomez also drew criticism for releasing merchandise that read “Did you eat today?” which some felt trivialized eating disorders.


In her video, Gomez denied ever body-shaming her peers but apologized to anyone who felt hurt by her in the past.

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, assault or violence, please know that there is help and hope. 1in6.org offers anonymous support exclusively for men and RAINN is available for everyone who needs support. 

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