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Rumors Circulate That TikTok Star Tayler Holder Was Arrested Amid Sexual Assault Accusations

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Tayler Holder, Charly Jordan, Mian Twins, Bryce Hall

Popular TikTok star Tayler Holder has found himself in the middle of a controversy after being unfollowed by some of his fellow internet friends — and no one is quite sure why.

Holder, 24, was the recipent of a mass unfollowing on social media early last week by his closest friends and even people on his team, leaving fans confused as to what the typically clean-cut star had done.

Now, it appears Holder is facing sexual assault allegations from multiple alleged victims.

Amid a series of ambiguous posts from other influencers about a brewing controversy, Holder appeared on "BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards" to address the drama.

Rumors have begun to swirl that Holder was arrested over the allegations however this may all just be a fabrication. Let's breakdown the many, confusing allegations.

What did Tayler Holder do?

There have been some suggestions that Holder was involved in sexual misconduct allegations but so far no alleged victim has spoken out.

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Influencers have remained vague about why they've unfollowed Holder and fans are still unsure what exactly is going on.

Gossip accounts claimed Tayler Holder was arrested.

Several gossip pages circulated images claiming to show LA County arrest records that contained Holder's name however it seems these may be fabricated.

Buzzfeed reporter Kelsey Weekman tweeted that she had contacted the LAPD who stated that Holder had not been arrested.

Tayler Holder's team allegedly sent out cease and desist letters to influencers, including Bryce Hall.

Popular influencer drama reporter Keemstar claimed that Holder had sent cease-and-desist letters to 50 LA influencers amid the allegations, which he described as "horrendous."

Holder's former friend, Bryce Hall, also address this in a recent video in which he said he had received a cease and desist from Holder's team and claimed he was facing serious allegations.

Keemstar claimed Tayler Holder has been accused of sexual assault.

Keemstar tweeted to say that Holder "will be facing serious allegations from multiple alleged victims."

"Please keep in mind Tayler is denying he’s done anything wrong but also not explaining what he’s being accused of," he added in another tweet.

Keemstar did not provide details on where these claims came from or what exactly is the nature of the allegations.

Several TikTok stars posted about unfollowing Tayler Holder.

Fans first noticed something was happening when the Mian Twins were the first to hit the unfollow button on Holder's Instagram, considering how close Holder and the Mian Twins were, people immediately began to speculate.

Bryce Hall, 22, was the next influencer to unfollow Holder, promptly writing on his Instagram story, "Things are about to crazy," possibly alluding to the drama unfolding.

It wasn't long before other notable names hit the unfollow button, including Olivia Ponton, Holder's ex-girlfriend Charly Jordan, Josh Richards, and Jaden Hossler.

A friend accused Tayler Holder of 'sinister acts.'

Another influencer, Juliano Hodges, who'd been friends with Holder, also posted on his Instagram story, writing that Holder had been getting away with "sinister acts" since Hodges had met him.

"Some actions are unforgivable and you have been getting away with these sinister acts since the day I met you," Hodges wrote. "It's about time the world sees how ugly your heart is."

Hodges continued, saying everyone who was around Holder all had negative things to say about him, which was why he was being unfollowed.

Fans think the Tayler Holder drama could be a publicity stunt.

Many fans started theorizing that this was all just a big PR stunt to promote the new music that Tayler Holder is set to release.

The speed at which the drama has picked up, despite lacking evidence and clear details, does demonstrate how quick the internet can be to latch on to rumors and unproven allegations.

Some people have even suggested that the mystery surrounding Holder could all be some kind of social experiment to show how quickly cancel culture takes effect without anyone knowing the facts.

Sean Kennedy, another influencer and former friend of Holder, stated on his Instagram story that the drama is not a PR stunt.

"For everyone asking about the situation at hand. It has nothing to do with a pr stunt," Kennedy wrote. "This is a very serious situation. So please, for everyone's privacy stop messaging me about this topic."

Tayler Holder went on the 'BFFs' podcast to discuss sexual misconduct allegations.

Holder spoke to Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards with the intention of speaking about the backlash, why his close friends were unfollowing him, and the cryptic statements they'd released.

But the interview was incredibly vague.

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Portnoy shared that Holder's team had reached out to them to allow the TikTok star to appear on the podcast and address the massive unfollow spree along with allegations of sexual misconduct.

However, Holder did not directly address the influencers who had decided to unfollow him, instead repeating that things were "going to be handled offline," and that many people were turning on him based on assumptions going around.

When Portnoy mentioned the sexual misconduct allegations, claiming they were extremely vague, Holder agreed with him, but didn't deny the allegations.

Holder was firm in his decision not to speak on any of the controversy, claiming everything was being handled by his legal team and wouldn't be broadcasted on the internet.

Tayler Holder appears to be distancing himself from the LA influencer scene.

Just last week, Holder posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story in which he claimed TikTok fame is worse than people think.

“To any upcoming influencers or people that dream to have this life, please know it’s really not what you think it is at all,” he wrote.

“Having millions of followers and millions of $ is cool, but please don’t let that blind you. I have been one of the most successful people in this space and it has truly made me the lowest I’ve ever been in my life.”

The 24-year-old influencer went on to say that his fame has affected his relationship with his family, friends, and his mental health, saying he "feels like a robot."

"I’ve completely lost myself trying to find something that I thought was so amazing.”

With other TikTok stars appearing to be lying in wait to share their stories about Holder, it's likely we'll have more clarity on what is going on soon.

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