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Waitress Says Angry Customers Followed Her Home After They Overheard Her Complaining About Them

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Waitresses know better than anyone just how grueling working in customer service can be. However, not many of them would consider it frightening.

One woman shared a horror story involving customers while working a late-night shift at Chili's.

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The waitress claims that customers tried to follow her home after they overheard her complaining about them.

In a TikTok video viewed over 400,000 times, a former Chili's waitress explains her customers' shocking reaction after overhearing her complaint about their constant requests to other staff members in the kitchen. 

The waitress, Nat, says she worked at Chili's for over five years as a waitress and bartender.

While she expresses how much she loves the chain and her experience working there but says she has so many "unhinged" stories involving customers.



Nat's story centers around one particular Saturday night when she was working a closing shift.

Eight minutes before the restaurant was set to close, a group of six people walked in and were seated in Nat's section. 

"I let them know that we’re literally closing in a few minutes and that I need to take their order right now," she says. 

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All six customers ordered strawberry lemonades and appetizers.

"We already dumped the pitcher [of strawberry lemonade] for the night, so I had to individually make them all strawberry lemonades," Nat says.

The group then ordered entrees, which Nat quickly had to send into the kitchen.

Along with the group having no regard for the restaurant's closing time, they lacked consideration for their waitress.

"When I was taking their orders, they were not responding to me, like talking amongst each other and some of them had AirPods in and were also talking on their phones and completely ignoring me," Nat says.

"Every time I went up to this table to ask if they needed anything, it was always a refill."

Nat's customers had her going back and forth from the kitchen to the table with their constant requests.

"For some reason, they couldn’t all ask me what they needed at the same time," she adds.

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Nat made a total of 36 strawberry lemonades for the table.

At this point, the kitchen staff grew angry with her since they were ready to leave and she had to continue to go back and fulfill her customers' requests.

"I'm being cursed out by the cooks in the back because I had put in so much food, and it was literally right before closing and they had practically cleared the whole kitchen," Nat says.

After the table finished their entrees, they ordered six individual desserts.

"It is literally an hour past closing at this point," she reports. "They were taking their sweet-a–- time and I think it was intentional."

Nat proceeded to drop the bill off on the table as they were finishing their desserts.

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Upon realizing that the customers had tipped her poorly, Nat flipped them off from the window.

"Their bill came out to about $98… they tipped me $2," Nat says.

"After seeing that after all that work, I turned around and threw up the middle finger because I was mad."

What Nat didn’t realize was that while she could see the customers in their car in the parking lot, they could also see her through the restaurant windows.

"Two minutes later, we get a phone call and the manager picks up, and a voice says, 'hey, tell that little white girl in there to come outside and post up since she wants to flip us off,'" Nat says.



The customers proceeded to get out of their car and bang on the windows of the restaurant. They called a second time and claimed that they had overheard Nat tell the kitchen staff how "needy" they were.

"This is a warning to all you servers, do not talk s–-t about your customers. I learned that the hard way," Nat says.

The customers refused to leave the parking lot, and soon, a second car arrived and began circling the restaurant.

As Nat's manager prepared to call the police, the cars eventually left and parked across the street in a Shoprite parking lot.

Nat's coworker and her manager walked her to her car in case the customers were still there.

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However, as Nat was driving home, she says a car was tailgating her.

I'm like, holy f–-k they were camping in the Shoprite parking lot waiting for me to leave so they could tail me and follow me home," she says.

Thankfully, Nat lost the car at a sudden turn and was able to return home safely.

Now, she has an important message for other restaurant workers.

"Don’t flip off the wrong people and don’t talk s–-t about your customers."

You might just be followed home!

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