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Woman Refuses To Tip Server Who Bullied Her In High School But Faces A Mixed Response

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The question of how much and how little diners should tip their wait staff when they go out to eat is a popular debatable one.

One woman on TikTok made the bold decision to not tip her server at all.

Her reason has viewers confused about whether or not her actions were justified.

The woman claims she did not tip her waitress because she bullied her in high school. 

In a video that has been viewed over 300,000 times, Bell Marie (@teeenymaria) recorded herself dining at a Red Robin restaurant. 

As she finishes her meal and is preparing to leave, she shares with viewers that she is not leaving a tip for her server. 



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She claims her reason for this is that her server was her high school bully.

“My waitress at Red Robin was a girl who made fun of me in high school. I left her with no tip. Hahaha,” Marie wrote in a textbox over the video. 

She is heard laughing behind the camera as she continues to film.

The woman's decision received mixed reactions.

Some TikTok users praised Marie for not tipping her server

“Only time we are okay with the no-tip option,” one user commented.

“Done this! She even tried to tell me she remembers me from high school and I acted like I didn’t remember her but I did and she made my life hell. Loved it!!” another user wrote.

“Would’ve left like a penny, and said you would’ve got the other 99 cents if you’d been nice to me in school,” another user added.

However, others believed that Marie was unreasonable and should have left a tip.

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“If high school was like two or three years ago, I understand that. If it’s been longer than that then there is a good chance she’s a different person now,” one user shared. 

“Just forgive and move on. Doing this still won’t. Now you are the bully,” another user commented. 

Others suggested that Marie should’ve left a decent tip as a power move.

“Nah man just shows she got to you. The power move is a big tip and act like you don't even know who she is... You're better and moved on,” one user wrote. 

“I was in this situation, I left her a good tip but I hoped she read my name on the debit card and for a second thought ‘maybe I should’ve been nicer'” one user shared. 

“I would've left a good tip and a note that said ‘it seems like you've had it rough and you need this’ or something similar,” another user revealed. 

The standard gratuity for servers in 2022 is 15-20% of the pretax bill.

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