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Mom Writes Note To Server After Leaving No Tip Because 'Christmas Is Coming' & Her 3 Kids Need Gifts

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As the holiday season approaches, families all over the country are pinching pennies in order to partake in the festivities and get their kids the presents that they want.

Unfortunately, for a food service worker on the popular Facebook page, Baby Talk, that penny-pinching might get in the way of the money they’re going home with.

A restaurant server received a note on the receipt that explained why they didn’t get a tip.

“Sorry no tip. Christmas is coming with 3 kids,” the note on the back of the receipt read. “But you’re great. P.S. don’t have kids you’ll save money.”

The post was captioned “#momlife,” mocking the mother of three that decided having children was a valid enough reason to not tip your waiter.

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People in the comments were furious with the mother who decided to skip out on giving a tip.

“How do people sleep at night?? I tip even when I’m doing curbside [pickup],” one concerned user wrote.

“Translation: ‘I’m entitled so I don’t care that I’m ripping you off,’” another user wrote.

Some people skipped straight to insults and disdain for people who don’t tip, calling them “disgusting” or labeling them as “scumbags.”

Several servers in the comments also shared their thoughts and opinions, confirming what most people already know about how working as a server is a job that relies mostly on tips.

“What makes them think the waiter doesn’t also have kids?” another questioned.

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It seemed as though, even for the people who disagreed with tipping as a forced, societal pressure, the main problem was that the woman claimed she couldn’t tip to save money for her kids.

“If you can’t tip you can’t afford to go out to eat. Simple,” some people echoed.

However, many people argued that it’s not as simple as “always tipping.”

“I’m a server. Hot take, I know, but when you come in to dine-in, you are tipping for the service,” one user claimed. “Obviously it is depending on your experience and how well your service is, but to say not to tip ever is a reflection of your character.”

Some people tip based solely on service, and if they believe that the server didn’t provide a good service, they simply won’t tip.

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“I’m a server and I have two kids,” one mother started her comment. “I would be upset if I worked my butt off while serving these people but I’d also understand.”

“I personally, always tip,” wrote another. “However, as someone who was a waitress for a long time, the few that didn’t tip every day didn’t hurt me. My service made sure the ones that had it, gave it. Maybe the problem here is most of y’all’s attitude and entitlement.”

For many, the problem isn’t having enough money to eat out but not enough to tip, it’s with the idea of tipping in general.

Users in the comment section pointed out that some states — like California — actually pay their servers minimum wage (currently $15/hr) so they rely on tips less.

Servers relying on tips as their primary source of income is a structural failure, and the blame shouldn’t be placed on the people ordering food — it’s the employers’ fault.

The government should protect the wages of essential workers like waitstaff and servers by ensuring they’re paid livable wages whilst having the extra income of tips on the side — like how California does it.

Until that happens in all 50 states, however, treat your servers kindly and make sure to leave any tip if you’re able — they might need it more than you know.

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