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Hotel Employee Records Guest Berating Her After Telling Her To 'Have A Good Night'

Photo: @keylove124 / TikTok 
Hotel clerk, TikTok

Working in customer service is not for the weak.

One woman on TikTok proved just that after recording a customer blowing up at her over a kind gesture.

The customer berated the woman, a hotel desk clerk after she told the customer to 'have a good night.' 

In a TikTok video that generated 1.2 million likes, Keyana McNeal (@keylove124) filmed herself working a shift as a hotel desk clerk

She props her phone up so that it is facing her, glancing up at somebody off-camera before saying, “have a good night!”



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The response she receives is shocking.

“F–-k you, do not say anything to me. Nothing,” a woman is heard saying to McNeal.

The woman doesn’t stop there.

“You’re a b—ch. I have no interest in talking to you, none.”

McNeal appears confused, but she remains calm and collected.

As she takes a sip of her water bottle, the woman begins criticizing her.

“You look like an ignorant b--ch swallowing that water and smacking your lips like that,” she says. “You’re not even that cute.”

“Thank you,” McNeal says to the woman in an attempt to get her to stop.

Before the video cuts, the woman demands to know where someone named “Chris” is, and McNeal points behind her.

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TikTok users were just as shocked by the woman’s uncalled-for comments as McNeal was. 

“Why did she gather you like this!?’ one user commented.

“She has no interest in talking to you but continues to talk to you lol,” one user pointed out.

“Damn she even got on you for drinking water,” another user wrote.

However, others believed that there was more to the story and that McNeal did something to provoke the woman’s reaction.

“Nah the way you said ‘have a good night’ something transpired before lmao,” one user speculated. “The passive-aggressive ‘have a good night for me… SOMETHING happened,” another user added.

McNeal told viewers that it was her first time meeting the woman and posted a follow-up video detailing what occurred before she started recording.



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She addresses that the “Chris” the woman was looking for was her coworker who was working the shift before she came in.

“Chris and my manager had put the lady in question out of the hotel because she had already cursed some of our hotel guests out,” McNeal explained. 

Her manager and coworker had warned her about the belligerent hotel guest, but McNeal was unaware who she was or what she looked like. 

She revealed before she started recording the video, the woman passed by the desk once and cursed at McNeal after she said, “how are you?” 

McNeal admitted that she was being “petty” when she told the woman to have a good night. 

“I didn’t do nothing to her, I don’t know why she started talking about me,” she says. “She wanted somebody to argue with.” 

McNeal added that the woman appeared to be much older than she was, and decided not to give her attitude back to her since she was clearly going through other issues. 

“I work in customer service, I deal with people like this all the time,” McNeal said in response to people who asked how she remained calm.

She believes that the woman’s cruel words to her were due to jealousy since most of her remarks targeted McNeal’s physical appearance.

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