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Woman Gets Revenge On Man Who Ghosted Her After Running Into Him At His Restaurant Job

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We’ve all been on both sides of the online dating coin where a fantastic conversation or kindling of some sort of prerequisite friendship fizzles out when one party disappears from the situation entirely.

It’s called “ghosting,” and a lot of people take the situation very seriously when half the time the person probably just forgot to respond because they’re a bad texter — or maybe I’m just speaking for myself.

This woman got revenge on the guy who ghosted her by giving him a $0 tip when he was her waiter.

A TikToker named Sydney, username @princessneeyyneeyy, saw her video go viral after she posted a video of a receipt at Texas Roadhouse where she gave a $0 tip and left a little message at the bottom for her waiter.

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“When the guy who ghosted you is your waiter at lunch,” read the caption at the beginning of the video, which turned into “Don’t come for me. I usually tip but I’m petty.”

The story is, she was talking to this guy Matt over Snapchat while they worked together and things didn’t end up working out, so as a result, he blocked her.



“PS: Thanks for blocking me on Snap,” read the note that she left at the bottom of the receipt for the ghoster.

The bill was $33.53, which with a 15% gratuity would mean that he receives approximately $5.03 in tip, but instead, he received nothing for blocking her on Snapchat.

Reactions to the video were divided.

A lot of people joked in the comments in agreement, saying that they would’ve done the same thing or that “it’s always the Matthews” (sorry Matthews), but a lot of people took this very seriously and criticized her for what she did.

Firstly, it seems awfully weird that she coincidentally bumped into the guy she used to work with at his place of work in order to eat and not give him a tip.

But aside from that, if it wasn’t deliberate and it really was a coincidence, why is it something that she took so personally to the point where she would deprive him of a tip, not to mention how rude it might be just to not tip in general.

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Restaurant servers and workers all rely very heavily on tips and gratuity as their main source of pay since the minimum wage is adjusted to fit the “standard” of gratuity.

15% gratuity is the standard for most but a lot of people refuse to tip if the service was just average or not over-the-top.

This is an entirely different problem than ex-Snap friend drama but should be taken into account when trying to do something to “be petty” or seek revenge.

“Honestly this probably just reassured him that he made the right decision in ghosting you,” said one of the top comments. “Causing problems with someone professional and finances just because y’all don’t talk is wack and creepy not petty or girl power.”

To deflect from the situation, Sydney defended herself by saying that people were taking it way too seriously like it was a totally justifiable and adult move of her to do what she did.

“Y’all really out here taking a tik tok WAYYYYY too damn serious,” she commented. “There’s no bad blood it was really just for a tik tok.”

If that’s the case, it almost makes it worse, but that’s for everyone else to decide.

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