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Woman Argues With Date After He Taunts Server & Denies Her A Tip Because It Isn’t A ‘Respectable Job’

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woman argues with date after he plays game with servers tip

A woman was on a date at a restaurant with a guy she met on a dating app. However, on their date, she had an argument with him after he played a game with their server’s tip.

When the waitress came to take their order, the guy annouced that he had come up with an odd "game" that would determine how big of a tip the server would get.

“Our waitress comes over asking us what we want to order. I say what I want and gesture to him so he can order. He orders and then pulls what I think is about 15 dollars on the table. He says 'This is your tip. Everytime you mess up, I take some away,'” the woman explained on Reddit.  

That put some pressure on the waitress as she became quite nervous and made mistakes throughout the night.

“She must have been new as well, because she did spill some drinks on our table that night, gave us the wrong food, and overall just seemed lost. He took away 13 dollars.”

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The woman wondered why her date was doing this and why he even thought that it was a good idea.

"He said it was the best way to ensure 'good service.' When I disagreed he said 'Can't always be nice to these people, it's not a respectable job.'”

The guy thought what he did was right and better for receiving good service from restaurant workers. However, the woman strongly disagreed with him. Playing with someone’s livelihood is never a good idea for anyone.

The woman called the waitress over and gave her a $20 tip when paying for the meal.

“Later that night he had demanded to know why I had given her the tip despite her poor service and I told him it's because he decided to treat her livelihood like it was a game.”

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The guy refuted by saying that the woman was wrong for doing so and that the waitress will never improve her service. “He said because of me she'll never improve her service and that I'm just a people pleaser.”

After their date, the woman blocked the man and didn’t want anything to do with him. However, she went to Reddit to ask people whether they think she was wrong for reacting the way she did.

Internet users declared the man a bad person.

It was quite evident to everyone that the woman did nothing wrong even if the waitress made a few mistakes. People were strongly emphasizing that the guy was wrong and he didn’t respect other people.

One user said, “As a former server, had this happened to me I would have gone out of my way to give them the worst service possible… Because this isn't about trying to get good service. It's about trying to belittle the wait staff and show them that you think you're better than them.”

Another user said, “It's absolutely abhorrent to treat people that way. Wait staff make way less than minimum wage and both them and the business count on tips to make up the difference.” 

Another user wrote, “Good people don't do what he did. And every job should be respected. If he doesn't want to respect his servers he shouldn't be going out to eat.”

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