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Video Of Woman Cutting Herself A Slice Of Wedding Cake Before Bride & Groom Divides Internet

Photo: @mediocrehailey / TikTok 
Wedding cake, TikTok

A woman is driving the internet mad after breaking what many would assume is an unspoken wedding rule: helping herself to a slice of the cake.

TikTok user @mediocrehailey shared a video of herself at a friend’s wedding cutting herself a slice of the wedding cake while licking frosting off of her fingers, without the knowledge of the bride and groom.

The guest cut the wedding cake before the bride and groom got a chance to have some.

The cake was intact, indicating that the bride and groom had not yet made the first cut. 

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“Me! A guest at my friend’s wedding! Ignoring the brownie table & confidentially cutting myself a slice of HER WEDDING CAKE thinking uh-oh! They fOrGOT to serve it to everyone else!” the woman wrote in a textpost over her video.



“I know better now, I hate myself,” she added. “My apologies to the bride & groom,” she shared in the caption. 

Although the woman claims she made an innocent mistake and was not aware that she was not supposed to help herself to a slice of cake before the bride and groom got to cut it, other TikTok users slammed her in the comments section. 

People online believed she crossed a major line and took away a significant moment from the bride and groom. 

“Not to be disrespectful but what is wrong with you,” one user wrote.

“Ruining someone’s moment they can’t redo. As an adult, I can’t imagine someone not knowing this isn’t ok,” another user commented. 

Others claimed that if they were in the bride’s shoes, they would've cut contact with the woman.

“The way we would no longer be on speaking terms,” one user wrote.

“Unfriended immediately,” said another. 

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Users were surprised to hear that the bride herself feels different than most of them.

“As the bride whose cake this is — SHE IS FORMALLY FORGIVEN AND HAS LEARNED HER LESSON IN WEDDING ETIQUETTE,” she commented on the viral video. 

“We need more time to forgive her…” one TikTok user responded to the bride.

“You are a bigger, better person than I ever will be,” another user praised the bride. 

The person who captured the video, who was also facing backlash for filming the woman cutting the cake instead of stopping her, revealed her identity in the comment below the bride’s comment. 

All three women appeared to be on good terms, despite the cake-cutting incident.

Hopefully, the next time this woman is invited to a wedding, she remembers her past mistake caught on video and refrains from her dessert temptations until after the bride and groom do the honors! 

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