Woman's 13 Strict Rules For Wedding Guests Spark Debate

They seem reasonable.

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Weddings can be a rather stressful event for everyone included, but especially the bride — they want everything to be perfect for their special day, and for one woman, she's created a list of specific rules that will make sure everything runs smoothly.

A lot of people don't like being told what to do, so everyone on the internet flocked to her page to share their opinions on the rules she laid out for her guests.


In a two-part TikTok video, Kennedy Marks shared the strict rules she will be enforcing on the day of her wedding.

The video was part of a trend on the app in which brides, brides-to-be or just anyone who has thought about their wedding shares what requirements they have for guests.

"I've seen about a million people do this, and I've been planning my wedding since about eight years old," Marks began, adding that her boyfriend won't be proposing to her anytime soon and doesn't know about any of her rules.

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"Please don't get angry at me if some of these are a bit harsh for you," Marks warned. "Weddings are just so expensive that I'm going to be a perfectionist on the day, sorry."


For the first rule, and "for all weddings in my opinion," according to Mark, no guests are allowed to wear white. 

"I'm paying so much money, I've invited you to my day, please have the respect of not wearing white. It's common sense, don't do it, get out," she said.

The second rule, which Marks prefaced would probably make people mad, no children allowed unless they are preapproved by her. 

"I love children, I love my friends' babies, I love my families babies, but I'm not having a distant relative's children that I've not got a connection to," she explained, adding that she doesn't "want screaming" at her ceremony, or children running around and making a mess of things.


For the third rule: don't assume an invitation includes a plus one.

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"I personally would not be having people there that I didn't have a clue who they were," Marks said.

For the fourth rule and "a very big one for me. Do not make an announcement at my wedding," she urged.

In the examples, Marks included pregnancy and engagement announcements.

"Do not take the attention away from me," she continued. "I don't care how close we are, I don't care if you're family, no thank you. It's common respect."

For the fifth rule, Marks is not allowing any of her wedding guests to use the microphone unless it is preapproved by her.


"It is not a karaoke, please don't start singing with the live performers," she said, adding that she doesn't want anyone to do a speech either unless she's asked them to.

The sixth rule involves wedding guests not asking Marks anything that will stress her out, and if they have a question or concern, to ask her mom.



"That woman knows me through and through, knows exactly what I want, knows I'm a perfectionist," Marks explained. "She'll know exactly what to do."


The seventh rule, which Marks notes sounds "really mean," no boring people. "If you're not going to get up and dance with me, [and] if you're not going to make the most of the wedding, then sadly I don't want you there."

She continued, saying that if a wedding guest wasn't going to be happy for her, or just sit down the entire time and complain, they wouldn't be welcome at the celebration.

For the eighth rule, which closely mirrors the third, Marks clarified that if she or her husband hasn't met someone, they won't be at the wedding.

"I don't want to be introduced to people on my wedding day," she said.

The ninth rule involves the staff at the wedding, wedding guests are not allowed to be rude or they will be kicked out.


"I want them to be treated like guests," Marks said. "I want them to eat when they're with me. I want them to dance, I want them to have fun."

The tenth rule involves wedding guests not being allowed to have their phones during the ceremony.

"I don't want all of my photos to be [from] phones. I want to enjoy the moment."

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For the eleventh rule, any guests on the dance floor during the first dance will be dragged off.

"There's not a chance I'm having that moment ruined for me," she declared.

The twelfth rule, which Marks notes is "really important to me," is that guests can wear whatever they feel comfortable in.


"If you want to turn up naked, you turn up naked," Marks joked. "As long as you feel comfortable and happy, I'm happy." 

And for the final rule, guests are allowed to have full access to the wedding photographer, but only after Marks has had her requested photos.

"I want you to have the really cute photos of you and your boyfriend for Instagram," Marks said. "But after my photos."

The majority of people who commented under Marks' videos about her rules were in agreement that they were all fairly reasonable and were the same rules they would enforce at their own weddings.

"Completely agree with all of these!!" one user wrote.

Another user added, "I thought this was just common sense. If people don’t respect this, they clearly don’t care or respect you."


A third user even criticized the fact that women have to apologize for wanting their wedding to go smoothly, saying "Makes me so sad how much us as women feel the need to apologise for what WE want on OUR day???"

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