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Bridesmaid Says Bride Almost Kicked Her Out Of Wedding Over Haircut She Got The Night Before The Ceremony

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Out of the many reasons a wedding can go wrong, this bride thinks her sister’s new haircut will be the downfall of her big day.

The night before the bride was due to tie the knot, her sister got a haircut — despite being warned not to.

Now, she has taken to Reddit’s “r/AmITheA--hole?” thread to ask internet users if she is in the wrong for getting the controversial chop.

The woman got a pixie cut after the bride told her to get hair extensions.

“My sister said that she expects me to get hair extensions for the wedding since my chin-length bob was ‘way too short’ and that all the other bridesmaids had longer hair and my short hair would be odd and attention-grabbing,” the woman wrote in her post.

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However, she refused to get hair extensions as she didn’t think long hair would suit her. Additionally, she didn’t want to spend a fortune on new hair for just one night.

Unwilling to back down, the bride ordered her to find a hairstylist — which she did, but not for the reasons she was asked!

“I went for it..except I cut my hair even shorter and got a pixie cut,” the woman wrote.

The bride was less than pleased after finding out what the woman had done to her hair. Their mother also took the bride’s side.

“I got a call from my mom asking why I’m trying to ruin my sister's wedding and that I was being cruel and difficult.”

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The bride went as far as to threaten to uninvite the woman from the wedding if she didn’t fix her hair.

Reddit users sided with the woman and disagreed with the bride's actions.

One user wrote, “If you having a short haircut is going to ruin the wedding it is a terrible wedding in the first place. You and the other bridesmaid are human beings, not set dressing and she doesn’t get to demand you alter your physical appearance in any way.”

Many people also shared their experiences from their weddings and what they did to accommodate everyone at the wedding.

One user commented, “I had 5 bridesmaids in my wedding. All different lengths of hair. One of them wore a hijab. You know who stood out? Me, because I was the freaking bride. You know what I also didn’t pay attention to? Who stood out the most.”

However, there were some people who thought that both the woman and the bride were acting irrationally.

“You were absolutely right for not wanting to spend unnecessary money on extensions that are for a day. Until you decided to get the revenge haircut," One person wrote.

"Things would have been better if you just stood on your ground and told her to accept your style if she wants you in her wedding.”

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