Wedding Video Shows ‘Drunk’ Guest Setting Venue On Fire Before Dancing Away

It seems dancing is more important than putting out a fire.

man keeps dancing after setting fire to wedding venue Twitter

A wedding guest's desire to have fun nearly cost a couple their wedding venue in a viral video that is being viewed across social media.

The hilarious but almost tragic video has garnered plenty of reactions as viewers discuss the guest's actions.

In the video, the wedding guest set the venue on fire while dancing.

In the chaotic clip, a man who appears to be named Craig or Greg is seen dancing his way into a highly flammable piece of decor while holding a sparkler.


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The man, who appears to be drunk, is partying with the other guests as he grabs a sparkler in each hand. In the midst of having fun, the man accidentally set fire to a centerpiece at the venue. 


The other guests started yelling and panicking out of fear while the guest seemed unfazed by the distraction he had caused.  While the other guests scurried around to put the fire out, the man seemed to continue dancing. 

The man waved his arms around the fire to put it out. 

The man took it upon himself to use his own hands to put the fire out.

While waving his arms around the fire, the centerpiece soon fell to the ground and the fire was slightly extinguished. Eventually, he put the fire out by stomping on it. 

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However, he continued dancing as other people were still shocked by what had just happened. 


As the man kept dancing, one of the wedding guests seemed to be scolding him for his actions. The woman let the man know the severity of the situation and he soon stopped dancing. 

Internet users criticized the woman for interrupting the man’s fun.

People thought the woman to be a bit of a killjoy. They thought the woman didn’t need to stop the man from dancing as he eventually saved the place from catching fire.

One user wrote, “She was unnecessary, it’s too late for the ‘conversation’ at this point. That should’ve happened 6 drinks ago. He [isn’t] going to remember your little ‘calm down’ moment. Interrupting all the fun.”

Another user wrote, “The lady in the hat telling him to calm down needs to relax. Problem averted, [the] party goes on.”


Another person commented, “Why [is] she killing the mood? there was a problem, he solved it. Does she want a written apology???”

People commended the man for putting out the fire.

Many people took the situation in a light manner and commended the man for putting the fire out. 

One person commented, “Imagine being sober and not being able to put out a fire and a whole drunk man fixed everything. He deserves better.” 


Another person wrote, “This man is a role model. Party - make mistake - acknowledge mistake - fix own mistake - keep partying. Life lessons.”

Another person commented, “He was completely unconcerned with the fire, brushed it off, stomped on it, went back to dancing. That's a positive attitude about things!”

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