Student Sends A Mass Email To Professors Before Semester Begins So Her Name Won't Be Said 'Incorrectly' In Class But Gets Told She's Wasting Their Time

Viewers don't understand why it was necessary to send the email in the first place.

TikTok user Morgan Kelly shares her email to professors TikTok

People on TikTok poked fun at a woman named ‘Morgan Kelly’ when she chose to share a mass email that she sent out to her professors prior to the start of the semester to ensure her name was used appropriately in class.

The student saw fit to get ahead of any potential "awkwardness" with a mass email to her professors.

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She clarified her name so her professors wouldn't get it wrong in class.

In the email, she told them that she wanted to alleviate the “awkwardness” of calling her name incorrectly and shared that her first name is ‘Morgan’ and her last name is ‘Kelly.’

It’s easy to see how that name can easily be transposed since either can be a first or a last name. But that didn’t stop commenters from giving their two cents about the email.

One person said. “I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m so confused why you feel the need to clarify this? Wouldn’t it be pretty obvious that your name is Morgan Kelly on their roster list?”


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Kelly swiftly replied, “It says ‘Kelly, Morgan’” which prompted the person to shoot back, “Yea and I’m sure from the rest of their names on their list they would be able to figure out which your last name is.”

As the debate raged on, it was clear that people didn’t understand why the incoming student found it so necessary to make sure professors got her name right.

She even commented in response to them saying, “OMG (Oh my God) I go to a small school. Yes, they care about my name I’m 1 out of 20-30 ppl in a class. I have a gender-neutral name & pronouns are important!”


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Everyone on the planet is unique and the traits and characteristics they have are what make them different from anyone else.

Contrary to what some people apparently believe, a name is a very important part of your identity.

It can carry personal, cultural, or family history and connections and gives you a sense of who you are.

Mispronunciation of a name or misgendering of a person can make them feel they don’t belong or are of less value.

That is why we see so many complaints about bosses not addressing employees appropriately, managers outright refusing to use the correct names and pronouns for workers, and parents duking it out over who gets to use what baby names. and former spouses demanding their ex-partners drop their last names after the marriage ends.


Writer and lecturer, Dale Carnegie, has said that a name is “the most important sound in the human language”.

Hearing your name causes you to stop and pay attention.

In his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Carnegie says that “one of the simplest, most obvious and most important ways of gaining goodwill is by remembering names and making people feel important”.


If you don’t really care about people getting your pronouns or your name right, more power to you. But if others want to make sure their identity is properly acknowledged, there is no reason it should bother you.

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