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Woman Says She Got Her Boyfriend's Name Tattooed Only For Him To End Up Blocking & Ghosting Her

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Kayley Hazel

Getting your partner's name tattooed on your body is an extremely serious commitment, and while most people are against it, one woman decided that she wanted to honor her boyfriend with a gesture that she thought was sweet.

Kayley Hazel, 24, from Leeds,  a city in West Yorkshire, England, explained in an interview with Daily Mail that after meeting her boyfriend and realizing how fast their love was blossoming, she didn't think twice about getting a tattoo dedicated to him.

Hazel revealed that she got her boyfriend of one month's name tattooed on her ribcage.

Hazel shared that she had first met her boyfriend online, and during the four weeks that they were together, it didn't take long for her to realize they had a connection with him. 

"He was the exact same in person, which is rare as people can be different in person, but we just matched so well," Hazel told Daily Mail, making sure to keep his name private but noting that he is a London-based rapper. "I would cook for him, he would come over, and we hit it off and our personalities matched so well too."

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After a month of dating him, Hazel, a mom-of-one, suddenly had an idea that had never crossed her mind in any of the previous relationships she has been in. She decided that she wanted to get a tattoo of his rapper stage name to celebrate their relationship.

"A week later, we were still chatting, and I thought you know what, this is so spontaneous, but I want to get this guy's name tattooed on me," she continued. "I don't usually like tattoos. I think they're really ugly and so tacky, but here I was thinking about getting one."

Before getting the tattoo, Hazel brought up the idea with her rapper boyfriend, who was more than thrilled about the entire thing. He expressed excitement at seeing the finished product, and even told Hazel to record her getting the tattoo so he could post the video on his social media.

"I told him I was getting it on my left rib, and he asked me to film it getting it done. He's in the rap industry and said he wanted to post me getting it done on his social media so I said, of course. We were both buzzing about it."

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After getting the tattoo, Hazel's relationship with her boyfriend quickly took a turn for the worse.

Once Hazel had gotten the tattoo, she immediately showed it to her boyfriend over a video call, and while he was happy with it, their relationship quickly fizzled out.

"Things started to change when his ex-girlfriend found out about us. I think it put a wedge between us," she admitted. "After a while, the conversations and chatting had died down. After I got the tattoo done, he never saw me in person again, so he never saw the tattoo and stopped speaking to me."

Hazel continued, saying that she had been with him for a month, and while a lot of things happened during their month-long relationship, a week after she had gotten the tattoo, their conversations became quite infrequent.

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"He would say he was busy with work. He made time for me before - I wasn't even asking for much," she added. Eventually, she was shocked to learn that he ended up ghosting and blocking her number, which signified the end of their time together.

Of course, Hazel was heartbroken and upset by the breakup. " was so upset about it, it took me a good month for it to stop hurting," she said. "I wasn't in love with him, but I did really like him."

She also revealed that she will be getting the tattoo of his stage name removed, and explained that only her close friends and people on her social media knew about it, but none of her family members were aware of it.

"I will get it removed, which will kill me, but I need to get it done and get rid of it."

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