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Woman Recorded Backing Out Of Getting Boyfriend's Name Tattooed Moments After He Got Hers Inked

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Tattoo shop argument video

Young couples are always looking for ways to solidify their bond and cement their relationship as they get more serious and look at their long-term involvement with each other.

While some people opt for less permanent things like a promise ring or meaningful and intimate gifts, others chose the route of getting their partner’s name tattooed on their body.

After one man got the tattoo of her name done, his girlfriend backed out of the idea.

A video secretly recorded by someone else in the tattoo parlor was uploaded to social media where it received millions of views and instantly went viral.

The altercation between boyfriend and girlfriend had everyone talking about their reaction to the video as well as what they would have done in the situation as well.

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“So you’re really not going to get my name?” he asked her as they both stood in front of the tattoo artist that just finished making her name a permanent imprint onto her boyfriend’s body.

“I’m going to get it, just not today,” she said, trying to delay the tattoo.

In denial, he tells the artist not to worry and that she would be sitting down momentarily to get the tattoo, but she pushes back against him and shifts to blaming him.

“Yeah, this was your idea. This was all your idea,” she said, to which he replied that she should have just told him from the beginning that she was going to do this.

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Instead, she waited until he was finished getting her name on his arm to back out.

“I thought I was going to get it, but I’m changing my mind right now,” she said. “I’m still going to get it I’m just not going to get it right now.”

She continues to refuse and blame him for the situation that they’re in, claiming that it was his idea until he gets angry and reveals that they decided to do it together.

“We were laying together, on Instagram,” he explained, “and we saw the couples on Instagram and you said ‘Okay, let’s go get each other’s names.’”

“That would be nice, but this was your idea,” she continued. “Nobody put a gun to your head and said let’s go get it right now.”

Although he keeps asking her not to “play” him, the minute-long video shows no signs that she’s going to get the tattoo they planned on getting together, cutting out at the end before a resolution can be reached.

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Replies to the situation claimed that they just witnessed a breakup and not an argument.

“On the upside, he's in a perfect spot to schedule that coverup tattoo once he's done healing, both physically and emotionally,” someone wrote when it was reposted to Reddit.

“How to end a relationship and pay twice as much at the tattoo parlor in the process,” someone else commented.

Some jokesters made remarks about the pair like “They seem like a lovely couple” and “Love is in the air,” pointing out that their relationship would more than likely end after this.

Others used this as an opportunity to warn the general public that getting names tattooed on you is always a bad idea, no matter what.

In reply to a comment that reads “I’ll die before I get a name tatted on me no matter who,” someone wrote, “I can’t believe people get names tattooed on them, I don’t care how close you are to me.”

“I’ll enjoy the memories I have with you I don’t need to put it in ink.”

Some relationships don’t last forever, and no matter how much faith you have that your relationship will last, the ink will remain regardless.

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