20 Important Qualities That Make A Person Truly Unique

Everyone would like to think they are unique, but only a select few stand out in a crowd.

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Every person on the planet has something about them that sets them apart from other people, even identical twins. Every single person is a unique individual with personality traits and life experiences that make them special.

But there are many commonalities from one person to the next that allow us to relate to each other. Some of us would like to believe that our actions and actions and behaviors make us unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, but there are specific qualities and traits of a unique person.


What does it mean to be a unique person?

To be unique means to be an interesting person who people tend to gravitate to because of the unique traits you have. Uniqueness is your social identity combined with your self-identity.

You could have: good habits, looks that stand out, a positive attitude, the ability to create positive experiences, a great sense of humor, or negative experiences that you’ve learned and grown from.

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Unique people are the types of individuals that you come across once in a lifetime. The dictionary describes them as “being the only one,” “being without a like or equal,” “unusual,” or “able to be distinguished from all others of its class or type.”

In a world full of ordinary people, unique people are extraordinary.

Every person is born unique with their own hand and footprints. As life progresses some people develop their own quirks, perceptions, passions, and talents that make them markedly different from anyone else on the planet. They think outside the box and march to the beat of their own drum.

20 Traits Of A Unique Person

1. Your attitude

Your attitude is contagious. If it is negative, it can spread like a virus, impacting everyone around you. A positive attitude can uplift and inspire. Having an attitude that makes people want to be in your presence makes you unique.


2. Your personality

Every personality is adjusted long-term as people go through different things in life. The culmination of all of those things is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

3. Your experiences

We know that your unique experiences, along with who you are genetically, are responsible for who you become. Everyone has differing experiences and no two people have gone through the exact same thing.

4. Your creativity

There are so many ways to be creative. The ability to come up with new ways to solve problems or great ideas is one of the many traits that makes you a unique personality.

5. Your habits

Having good habits like reading, exercising, and meditating is not only good for your mental health, but determines the heights you can grow to. Everyone has their own limitations and those who transcend theirs are unique beings.


6. Your taste

The type of food you eat, clothes you wear, and even people you date are other characteristics that make you special. While others are okay with run-of-the-mill, your taste is outside of the ordinary.

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7. Your perceptions

How you see the world is a perspective that is uniquely yours. You exchange ideas and obtain wisdom, keeping an open mind and having a willingness to change your point of view as you continue to learn.

8. Your hobbies

What you do for fun matters when you are deciding if you have a unique personality. It tells the world what kind of person you truly are and what you do to achieve happiness in life.


9. Your goals

Some people are much more goal-oriented than others. Your goals give you motivation and direction, and exhibit what your growth mindset looks like and how far you are willing to go to achieve what you want.

10. Your work ethic

Setting goals is one thing, but working to meet them is another. How you work, your dedication and commitment are key to what kind of and how unique you are.

11. Your passion

In order to get what you want out of life, you must be passionate. The level of passion you have about what you claim is important to you is one of the things that makes you original.

12. Your purpose

Knowing why you are here is not something that comes easily. If you have looked within and done the work to uncover your purpose in the world, you are leaps and bounds ahead of the average person.


13. Your belief system

What you believe, like how you perceive the world around you, is developed over time. If you use life experience, education, empathy and compassion to create your belief system, you are definitely unique.

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14. Your intellect and curiosity

Everyone can’t be the sharpest tool in the drawer. There are some people who are highly intellectual and smarter than most other people. But a high IQ combined with an ever-growing curiosity are what make you truly unique.

15. Your relationships

Relationships can either make you better or be to your own detriment. How you choose to engage with people around you like family, friends, romantic partners, and social circles influences your individuality.


16. Your confidence

Not everyone is blessed with a high level of self-esteem. There are several factors that can affect your confidence levels. Unique people know how to maintain confidence no matter what goes on in life.

17. Your sense of humor

In life, you can’t take yourself too seriously. Your sense of humor is one of the key factors that can make you uniquely different from anyone else in the universe.

18. Your intuition

The higher your intuition, the more confidence you have, and the more mentally and emotionally stable you have. The ability to trust your gut is one of the traits that makes you a unique person.


19. Your communication skills

How you communicate is learned behavior, a combination of nature and nurture. Some methods of communication are healthier and more effective than others, and how you choose to talk to others and actively listen dictates how unique you really are.

20. Your authenticity

It is hard to be authentic with so many influences around us every day. Unique people are able to shut out the noise and remain the truest version of themselves.

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