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A Woman's Boss Suggested She Go 'Above & Beyond' So She Gave Her Some Feedback—'I Get Paid To Do The Bare Minimum'

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Briélle Cruz-Vega, woman sitting at desk working on a laptop

If there's one thing that can force an employee to give less than nothing at work — it's their wages not equaling the amount of work they do.

Such was the case for Briélle Cruz-Vega a 27-year-old who works in both the nonprofit sector and as a yoga teacher. She explained in a TikTok video that her boss had tried to reprimand her for not putting her all in at work, but Cruz-Vega pointed out that she would if she were being paid the amount that she feels she deserves.

She was told to go 'above and beyond' at work despite only being paid the 'bare minimum.'

In Cruz-Vega's video, she told viewers that while at work, her boss had approached her to let her know that "somebody else" at their company had pointed out that she should be going "above and beyond," and be "doing more than what is expected."

"She was like, 'I wanted to give you this feedback that someone else gave to me based off this meeting that you were in,'" Cruz-Vega recalled of what her boss had told her about the comment.

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She stressed that she would have no problem putting in more work at her job if she was given a higher wage pay. "I don't get paid to go above and beyond," Cruz-Vega said.

"I get paid to do the bare minimum and I'm f--king doing the bare minimum. I'm over this job. I don't want to stay here for very, very long." 

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She continued, saying that despite all of that, somebody thought to criticize her on her workability and the amount she does in a day when the real problem is the lack of income associated with the position. "You don't pay me enough to go above and beyond, you barely pay me enough to do the bare minimum."

While other factors go into an employee being productive at work, one of the ones that matter the most is the amount of money they are being paid for their position. If a worker feels they are not being compensated adequately, they tend to show that in the work they do.

According to a study conducted by Kellogg Insight, they found that a higher minimum wage led to greater productivity. An employee is more likely to perform to their top potential if they are happy with the salary being given to them by their employer. An employee earning a higher salary feels more motivated and strives to please their employer to retain their position.

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In the comments section, people pointed out that workers need more to perform better.

"I would ask them for specifics. What does above and beyond mean to them? Working through your lunch? Staying later? Coming in earlier?" one TikTok user wrote.

Another user added, "'Above and beyond' — does this come with a promotion package? If so, I would love to hear it. If not, no thank you."

"Counteroffer, I expect you as my employer to go above and beyond in paying me. This could provide an incentive to do more than the bare minimum required," a third user suggested.

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