Man Loses His Cool Over Crying Baby On A Plane But Some Can't Help But Relate — 'Did That Baby Pay Extra To Yell?!'

His reaction was extreme but many people sympathized with his frustration.

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If you’ve ever flown before, you’ve likely experienced an unruly child’s screams slicing through the entire plane for hours on end. While it is torturous, especially while trapped in a cramped space, most of us deal with it by plugging in headphones and attempting to block it out. 

However, this was not the case for one passenger who completely lost his cool on a plane after listening to a screaming baby for 45 minutes. His tirade was captured on video and has been sweeping across the Internet. 


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The man had a meltdown when a crying baby on a plane became too much for him to handle. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 200,000 times in one day, a Southwest Airlines passenger en route to a flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida recorded his fellow passenger’s loud tantrum as the flight, which was rerouted, circled above Orlando due to bad weather. 

The man made it clear that he was not happy with the behavior of one of the other passengers — a wailing child. 



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“I paid for a ticket to have a comfortable f–king flight!” the man can be heard telling flight crew members as the child’s screams can be heard in the background. “That child has been crying for 40 minutes!” 

The man says that he attempted to block out the noise with headphones and fall asleep but to no avail. He begs flight attendants, who are desperately trying to reason with the man, to calm down the unruly child.

“The child has been crying non f–king stop!” he tells them. The flight attendant’s attempts to calm down the passenger only cause him to grow more upset. “We are with a baby in a goddamn echo chamber and you want to talk to me about being f–king okay?!” 

“You’re yelling,” one crew member can be heard scolding the man. “So is the baby!” he points out. He then asks if the baby’s mother paid "extra to yell." 


The man’s wife, who is obviously uncomfortable with the entire situation, attempts to calm her husband down herself after crew members walk away, urging him to settle down before getting himself into trouble. 

He claims if handcuffs are put around the screaming baby, then he would not mind going to jail himself. The other passengers appeared to be amused by the man’s tantrum, with the passenger recording the entire interaction unable to control his laughter. 

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Just when it seems as if the plane is finally going to make it to its destination, it lands so that the man can be escorted off the flight.

However, he refuses to leave his seat. All of his fellow passengers were forced to deplane, as his wife buries her face in her hands and shakes her head. Once in the airport, the man is recorded defending himself against several security guards and crew members. 


“He tried to plead his case that he had a right to yell because there were two adults with the crying baby and he shouldn’t have been disturbed,” the individual recording wrote in the text overlay of the video. 

Eventually, the police got involved and the man was escorted away. “Well, that’s probably not how his wife imagined their Florida getaway going,” the individual added. 

Some TikTok users bashed the man over his inconsiderate and unnecessary tirade. 

“This is a grown man complaining about a baby crying. A BABY!!! do you know how difficult it is to console babies nonetheless on an airplane!! This man must not be a parent,” one user commented. 

“Flying with kids can be hard, for the kids and the parents. I’m always sympathetic and willing to assist the parents if needed,” another user shared. 


“I always wonder like do you THINK the parents want a crying child?? OBVIOUSLY NO!!! We are HYPER aware our child is screaming!” another user pointed out.

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However, many others related to the man, and admitted to not being a fan of screaming babies on flights themselves. 

“I 1000% agree with this man (admittedly, without knowing all of the details). I don’t know if I could handle a crying baby for 45 minutes on a plane,” one user revealed. 

“Everyone on the plane was thinking it but he was the one to say it and he said it badly,” another user commented. 


“I once took a four-hour flight and a baby screamed the WHOLE four hours. I was mentally losing it,” another user shared. 

Others called for the introduction of adult-only and family-only flights, where this dilemma could have been avoided entirely. 

While it is no secret that the man desperately wanted the baby to settle down so he could enjoy his flight, we are almost certain that the people who wanted the baby to be quiet the most were their parents. 

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