Parents Do Nothing As Toddler Stands Barefoot On The Food Tray Of The Person Behind Them On A Plane

Airplane snacks with a side of feet.

Toddler puts foot on plane passenger's food tray @Twinmommy15 / TikTok

When you didn’t think it could get worse than having a screaming baby on your flight, think again!  

One passenger recorded an unusual encounter with a toddler seated in the row in front of them, all while his parents did not intervene. 

The toddler stood barefoot on the food tray of the passenger behind him. 

The traveling nightmare was posted to TikTok by user @twinmommy15 and racked up over 600,000 views. 


While on a flight to Morocco for a family vacation, the woman hoped for a smooth flight with few disturbances. She, unfortunately, did not get that luxury. 

While eating a meal using the pull-out tray tables installed on the seats in front of them, one of her fellow passengers, a toddler who looks be around two or three years old, whirled around in his seat and wedged one of his feet in the gap between his seat and the woman’s seat.

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He then planted his foot on the woman’s foot tray while she and her family were eating. 


The toddler babbles on looking at his fellow passengers while one of the woman’s family members attempts to lightly push his foot off of the tray. 

All the while, the toddler’s parents do not appear nor attempt to take their child back into his seat. 

“Palm toes on our food tray. Mother does nothing!” the woman wrote in the text overlay of the video. 

In the comments section, she clarified that the toddler’s mother left him there assuming that her own children would entertain him while she went to sit in a different seat. 

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Other TikTok users slammed the toddler’s parents. 

“I’ll never understand why some parents don't control their badly brought up kids,” one user commented. 

“I’m gonna need parents to get their kids in check before taking them on flights,” another user wrote. 

Others offered their own suggestions of how they would’ve handled the situation. 

“Oh no ma'am that's when I'd call the flight attendant and say, ‘I don’t know where their parent is but um this kid is stepping on my food. BIOHAZARD!” one user shared. 

“I’d close the tray table right up on his foot,” another user commented. 

“I would’ve kindly told his mother she has five seconds to remove her child from the back of her seat in my space or I’ll handle it myself,” another user wrote. 


“That child would’ve learned the true meaning of taking a flight that day,” another added. 

Hopefully, on their flight home, the woman and her family were able to enjoy a meal that was free of toddler's toes. 

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