Woman Calls For 'Adult-Only Flights' After Getting Stuck Near A Crying Baby On An Airplane

She's not the only one in favor of this.

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We’ve all been there and it’s one of our biggest pet peeves while flying — being seated next to or near a screaming child whose lungs don’t quit the entire flight. 

Not even noise-canceling headphones can block out the torturous sound of it sometimes as it pierces through passengers’ ears. 

With issues like this, one woman has raised an important question that could would problems for those who wish to travel in peace and ease the stress for parents who have trouble settling their fussy children. 


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The woman has called for adult-only flights as a child cries loudly on a flight she is on. 

The woman (@mooorganic) is a well-known travel junkie on TikTok and often posts videos documenting her flight adventures. 

Although not all of her travels are sunshine and rainbows. 

The woman recently posted a video depicting her seated in an airplane. A child’s ear-splitting cry can be heard in the background. 



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As she chuckles to herself while placing a hand over her mouth, she calls on viewers to consider the significant question. 

“Why isn’t there such a thing as adult-only flights?? I would pay SO much money,” the woman wrote in a textbox over her video. 

She added that her flight was a grueling three hours long and that the child screamed the entire time. 

As if her trip could not get any worse, she claimed that she did in fact have noise-canceling headphones on, but they were no match for the unruly child as they continued to scream while their mother ignored them and slept. 

Some TikTok users agreed with the woman’s idea of having adult-only flights. 

“As a mom, I want an adult-only flight too,” one user shared. 


“I am a mother and I agree! I would pay more for an adult-only flight. Why is everyone so pressed?? She isn’t suggesting throwing them offboard,” another user pointed out. 

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting a flight without screaming children that she wants to PAY FOR,” another user commented. 

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However, others believed that the woman was being unfair and unreasonable with her suggestion. 

“Babies are human too and can’t control their feelings,” one user noted. 

“I don't have kids, but even I have the maturity and grace to accept my situation, especially when there are children involved,” another user shared. 


They urged her to have more compassion for the stressed parents flying with their children. 

“Not everyone likes listening to babies cry but as a parent, we have VERY little control as far as calming them,” one user claimed. 

“As a mom who had a crying baby for a flight, I also wish there were flights for mothers only. Would make it easier,” another user commented. 

Some people pointed out the fact that the woman could fly without having to worry about screaming children onboard by taking advantage of private flights. 


“You could fly private. It’s expensive but you said you would pay SO much money,” one user wrote. 

Whether or not you agree with the woman’s proposal, she brings up a valid point. There are adult-only vacation resorts, cruises, pools, and hotels and no parent appears to be offended by the existence of these spaces. 

So, why not introduce adult-only flights? 

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