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Man Stirs Debate By Posting Video Of Baby's Nonstop Screaming & Crying On 29-Hour Flight

Photo: balubrigada / TikTok
Man staring into camera with eye twitching

Everyone has experienced a long, uncomfortable flight before — but not everyone has experienced a 29-hour one with a crying baby.

TikToker Henry Beasley posted a viral video documenting his experience on the flight from hell.

People on TikTok criticized him for posting a video of his experience on the 29-hour flight with a crying baby.

Henry, a musician from a New Zealand band, Balu Brigada, was headed to Berlin when he decided to document the uncomfortable trip.

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He didn’t expect the controversy that followed.



Viewers were conflicted on whether or not the video should have been shared.

The simple twenty-six-second video starts with Henry staring into the camera, eyes twitching, as a baby shrieks in the background.

A voiceover comes on and says, “Rate my twenty-nine-hour trip to Berlin.”

That is followed by a caption that reads, “strong start.”

Next, the words, “The kid’s got some lungs.”

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As the video progresses, the man posts captions like, “nice projection” and “nice long one here” while his eyes continue to twitch, apparently agitated.

The video time-lapses through day and night and finally, in the end, it is captioned, “Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10.”

The video went viral and was seen over 12 million times.

In the comments, a debate about bringing children onboard aircrafts began.

Viewers had a lot to say about the video, some empathizing with Henry, while others condemned his actions as insensitive.

One person commented, “I feel bad for the people next to these children. Also the parents” while another poster joked, “Can’t you just throw it out the window.”

Another watcher suggested that airlines offer flights that are for adults only saying, “I have ultra sensitive, very good hearing. Getting strong headache if it's too loud. I pray for kidsfree flights.”

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Yet another user took a more empathetic approach telling readers, “As a parent who offers to help these people, 80% of them are not prepared. Babies cry, absolutely. I have had to give parents BM, formula, diapers."

While most could understand the annoyance of enduring loud, high-pitched screaming for twenty-nine hours, others took offense to the man filming.

A TikToker named Lindseymariecolor responded, calling for compassion for the baby’s parents. She understood that they must also be frustrated and ashamed.



She explained, “I know it sucks when there's a screaming baby on a plane, but I promise you that no one is more miserable than the parent of that child right now, because they're the ones who are having so much anxiety and stress that they can't calm their baby down.”

At the end of the day, the consensus was that no one should have to endure what Henry went through, but everyone should show grace and understand the parents' and baby’s plight.

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