Another Woman Details Strange Interaction With Brian Laundrie While Driving Him To Where Gabby Petito’s Body Was Found

His behavior was concerning.

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Another witness who claims to have given Brian Laundrie a ride around the time Gabby Petito was killed has come forward.

Norma Jean Jalovec, a resident of Florida, told Fox she collected Laundrie while he was hitchhiking in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park on August 29.

Her story adds more details to Laundrie’s movements after Petito was last seen in a heated argument with her boyfriend in a Wyoming restaurant.


Norma Jean Jalovec is the second person who drove Brian Laundrie in Wyoming. 

Jalovec realized she had collected Laundrie after seeing a TikTok by Miranda Baker who previously revealed she had also given the 23-year-old a ride that day.

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Brian Laundrie was first driven from Colter Bay to Jackson Dam.

Baker picked up Laundrie at 5:30 pm and reportedly “freaked out” when he realized she and her boyfriend were going to Jackson.

He demanded they drop him off at Jackson Lake Dam where it appears he was collected by Javolec picked up Laundrie between 6:15 pm and 6:20 pm, she says.

Norma Jean Jalovec drove Brian Laundrie to Spread Creek. 

Laundrie asked if she was going to Jackson but, upon discovering she lived in the opposite direction, asked her to drop him off at Spread Creek Dispersed Camping — about 20 minutes drive from the dam.

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Petito’s body was discovered in Spread Creek Dispersed Camping area weeks later after Laundrie returned home from Wyoming without her on September 1. 

Jalovec says Laundrie almost jumped from her moving car. 

Javolec’s story paints a picture of a somewhat erratic Laundrie, similar to what Baker described. 

She says Laundrie was initially polite and offered her gas money, which she refused. She says he claimed to have been hiking along Snake River for days earlier. 

However, when the car approached Spread Creek, Laundrie's mood reportedly changed. 

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Javolec says she offered to drive down the miles-long dirt track that leads to the remote camping area but Laundrie demanded to be let out. 

That's when he shocked her by trying to "get out of the moving car," she says, adding that she had no idea why he was so insistent on getting out. 

His behavior implies there may have been something he did not want Jalovec to see in the camping area. 

Brian Laundrie’s movements after Gabby Petito’s death are becoming clearer. 

At this time, Petito and Laundrie’s Ford Transit van was parked on a dirt road near the camping area where Petito’s body was later found. 

What remains unclear is whether, or why, Laundrie would have hiked from the van, along Snake River, without Petito only to hitchhike back to where she was possibly killed before going home to North Port, Florida. 


According to a warrant out for Laundrie’s arrest for unauthorized use of Petito’s debit card, he took $1000 from her account one day after Javolec drove him back to Spread Creek. 

As Laundrie remains missing, the timeline witnesses are providing of his movements before and after Petito’s death remain crucial to the investigation. 

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