Last Sighting Of Gabby Petito Arguing With Brian Laundrie At Restaurant Offers Clues To Exactly When She Was Killed

And a timeline of Brian's movements after.

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A new witness who claims to have seen Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie fighting in a Wyoming restaurant may offer clarity on when Gabby was killed.

Nina Celie Angelo spoke to Fox News Digital and released a string of videos on her Instagram, detailing the encounter that she and her boyfriend Matthew England witnessed at Merry Piglets restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on August 27 at around 1 p.m.


When was Gabby Petito killed? 

Gabby was likely killed between Aug. 27, after their restaurant argument, and August 29, when Brian was seen alone by witnesses before he returned to his North Port, Florida home without Gabby. 

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Angelo is now the last known witness to see Gabby alive — aside from Brian Laundrie — before her body was discovered in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. 

Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito reportedly had a heated argument at Merry Piglets restaurant.

Angelo and her boyfriend had been in town for a few days to attend a wedding that happened in late August when they decided to grab a bite to eat at the Tex-Mex restaurant, Merry Piglets.


Everything was going fine until an agitated Laundrie began arguing with a waitress, and an entire scene erupted.

“My first thought was that they were displeased with the service,” she said, “and they were walking out or they were trying to get out of paying their bill, but it was a scene."


“She’s standing on the sidewalk crying and he walks out with her but then, right away,” Angelo recalled, “[He] turns around, walks right back in, and he’s, you know, kind of like violently talking to the hostess — angry.”

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After a certain point, she says that Gabby was telling Brian to drop whatever he was arguing about and that they should leave, apologizing to the hostess that he was yelling at, until they eventually left the premises.

This incident occurred roughly two weeks after their domestic incident in Moab, Utah, where the police were called.


It’s clear that there were signs that the couple were going through hard times  even Gabby confirmed it in the body cam footage.

Gabby and Brian's van was seen in Spread Creek by 6:30pm on Aug. 27.

On the evening of the Merry Piglets incident, the Bethune family spotted the white van near Spread Creek Dispersed Camping, a little more than an hour north of the restaurant.

Internet sleuths are speculating that these were her final moments, considering her body had been found in the Spread Creek area, and theories are circulating about his movements after these events occurred.

The restaurant incident also occurred on the same day that Gabby’s mother received an odd text from her, asking her to check on “Stan,” her grandfather, and that he needed her help.


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“Can you help Stan,” the message read, “I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.”

But Gabby’s mother said that she never calls him Stan and “was concerned that something was wrong with her daughter.”

Brian Laundrie hitchhiked alone on August 29. 

On August 29th around 5-5:30 p.m., Miranda Baker and her boyfriend picked up a hitchhiking Brian Laundrie from Colter Bay, saying he was headed back for Jackson Hole.

Baker says he told her his girlfriend was back in the couple's van and he had been hiking alone for several days. 


It's likely that Gabby was already dead by this time and Brian distanced himself in order to work an alibi in case anyone found her body.

This also would have given him ample time to get rid of any evidence he had on him, and lines up perfectly with his September 1st arrival back in North Port, Florida — a 35 hour drive from Colter Bay.

On August 30th, another text message was sent from Gabby’s phone to her mother, saying “No service in Yosemite,” but she doesn’t believe it was sent from her daughter. The couple were likely never near Yosemite.


While Laundrie remains a person of interest and not a suspect, these theories are not concrete evidence in the case. But this timeline may prove crucial in tracking Gabby's final moments. 

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