Mom Who Made Her Kids' Easter Baskets From 'Stuff Around The House' Accused Of Not Making It Special Enough For Them

Instead of buying new "junk" the mom saved money and space around her house by using old junk that her kids still loved!

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When a mother decided to compose Easter baskets for her children filled with all of their favorite things, she never expected to become the center of all kinds of negative attention on social media.

Many people criticized the mom for failing to put enough effort into the baskets. However, she says that her kids were more than happy with what they received and could not have asked for more.

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The mom who made her kids’ Easter baskets used ‘stuff around the house.’

Rather than going out to the store and buying new toys, chocolate bunnies, and plastic Easter eggs for her kids, the woman decided that she would use items she already had in the house to make baskets she would gift to her young daughter and son on Easter.

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 855,000 views, she recorded the process of hunting for various toys and candies lying around the house to put into the Easter baskets.



First, the mother found her daughter’s miniature princess toys that she says she “definitely forgot” that she had. She placed them all into plastic Easter eggs. Next, she added a stuffed animal that she found in a drawer with a tag still attached, something else that her daughter likely forgot that she owned.


She also added stuffed animals to her son’s basket. “My son has way too many stuffed animals,” the mother addresses. She decided to recycle one of them to add. The next step was to raid the pantry and find her kids’ favorite treats.

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“My son’s favorite snack is cool ranch Doritos so we have to add those!” the mother says, placing a plastic bag filled with the chips into his basket. Finally, it was time to go through her home-schooling drawer, filled with toys that her children definitely forgot they even had. The mother claims that this is the practical way to make Easter baskets for your children.

“I’m really happy that I’m not bringing more junk into the house,” she says. “And honestly they’re gonna be super stoked since they forgot they had them.” However, some people disagreed.


The mom was accused of not making the Easter baskets ‘special’ enough for her children.

“Girl at least buy cute bags they literally sell at the dollar store,” one TikTok user commented.

“You should’ve gotten rid of the junk before Easter so they can get new toys or at least get them actual candy,” another user wrote. The mother defended her decision to make her kids’ Easter baskets using items she already has in the house in follow-up TikTok videos.

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She shared that her children were delighted by what they received on Easter morning.

Her daughter Gigi was especially thrilled when she cracked open her plastic Easter eggs and found treats inside. “Yay!” she repeated as she discovered the gifts in her basket.




Like his sister, the woman’s son was happy with his Easter earnings. 

“He’s super upset about his Ziplock bag of Doritos and eggs filled with his favorite candy,” she sarcastically wrote in the text overlay of a video of her son happily eating from his Dorito bag. 



“I accidentally created Easter basket hysteria this morning. I’m a terrible mom because I didn’t put his cool ranch Doritos in a decorative bag,” she captioned the video. “My poor kids are so deprived.” 


The mother also added in the comments section that both of her children are autistic and are particular about their snacks which is why she refrained from buying them any new edible treats they were not familiar with.

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At the end of the day, the mother revealed that she is unbothered by ignorant comments from those on the Internet since she knows that her children are well taken care of.


“They’re Easter baskets. My kids loved them. End of story,” the mother shared in a follow-up video. “My kids are more than spoiled and cared for if any of you look five seconds to check out our page. I’m moving on from the Easter basket mania. Go harass the actually terrible people on this app.”



Every family has different Easter traditions, and as long as their children are happy, and content and no one else is getting hurt, there is nothing wrong with composing Easter baskets of used items around the house, especially if your kids love it! 

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