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Mom Gives Daughter Empty Presents & Says Santa Didn't Bring Her Anything Because She Was 'Bad'

Mom and daughter

As rewarding as it can be, it is also difficult to be a parent. 

Some people are not equipped with the proper parenting tools or knowledge, and social media makes it all too easy to showcase those mistakes.

TikTok users' latest callout is a mother who decided her child was undeserving of Christmas gifts.

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A mom gave her daughter empty Christmas gifts because she was 'bad.'

A video from a user @prettilivi was reposted by another user who accused the original poster of mistreating her daughter.

The repost comes from Labeaud Colbert, a motivational speaker who runs her own counseling practice, who took to the app to criticize the mother for her approach to parenting.

The original video, was captioned “[point of view]: when your daughter is bad [as f–ck]”.



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In it, a woman's daughter, Arabella, is seen surrounded by empty gift boxes while tears stream down her face.

“So Arabella decided to f–ck with my whip shots last night, and f–cked my s–t up,” said the mother. “So now, we let her open her gifts, and let’s see what Santa brought her.”

Colbert claims the mother is doing this because Arabella played with vodka cream that the mother left out.

“Santa ain’t bring you s–t. Aw. Aw, cause you’ve been bad. So you not gone get s–t,” Arabella's mom yells as the video continues.

In another video, the mother defends her actions.

Clearly spurred on by negative reactions, the mom backtracks and makes Arabella answer some questions in order to show viewers that she was not a bad mom and that she loved her daughter.

“Are you mad at me about the fake presents I gave you?” she asks Arabella.

“A little, but I don’t care about what they say,” says Arabella

“Because you know I love you?” responded the mom. Arabella responded yes.

Arabella agrees that she is "spoiled" with love and that "mommy treats [her] right all the time, huh?”

Of course, Arabella responded "yes" because not many would go against their mother at such a young age.

Colbert was adamant about exposing "bad moms" to the world. 

“So we have yet another example of a really bad mom. All of this looks familiar. I hope that someone calls CPS so that there’s a paper trail made on this lady,” said Colbert.

“At the very least, that is what we can do, and it’s also sending a message to the other bad moms out there,” she continued.

“That this type of behavior is not acceptable. This is wrong, and I’m gonna keep saying it, and people can stay mad about it.”

Users largely agreed with Colbert, many noting the cruelty of filming this moment and posting it online.

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