Mom Explains Her 'Bag Of No' Birthday Tradition That Teaches Her Kids Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Struggling to find good birthday gifts for your children? Look no further!

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Deciding what to get your child for their birthday can be a difficult task, especially since it seems as if they always want thousands of different toys and games. When it comes to filling their gift bag, one mother on TikTok has parents covered.

She shared her genius idea for the perfect birthday gift to give to kids, and many parents are now declaring that they will be hopping on the same tradition. 


She gifts her children a ‘bag of no’ filled with all of the goodies she originally declined when they asked for them.

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 14,000 likes and 100 comments, Jenny Cimato teaches other parents how they can compose their own “bag of no” for their children on their birthdays. 

The middle school teacher and mother explained that the tradition started when her daughter was young. Like any young child, she was mesmerized by all of the candy and toys on the shelves she saw whenever she went with her mother to the grocery store.

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The little girl often asked her mom “Can I get this?” every time something caught her eye. “[She] was asking for things at the checkout line in the grocery store,” Cimato says.

That’s when the mother came up with a genius idea where her daughter could still get everything she asked for, even if she was told no on that particular day.

“I decided that once a year for her birthday I could go and I could get all those items that she would ask for that I normally said ‘no’ to and put them in a bag for her birthday.”


Cimato dubbed her idea the “bag of no” and claims that it has been a hit among her family ever since. It has made grocery shopping easier since her daughter is not begging for candies and toys every time, knowing that she will eventually get everything she asked for in her bag of no.

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Even now at 16 years old, Cimato’s daughter still has her heart set on the gift for her birthday each year even though she no longer asks for many things at the grocery store checkout line. 

The mother displays some of the items she places in the bag of no, including different candies, toys, and even play dough. 


Other parents praised Cimato as a genius and revealed that they will be doing the bag of no for their own children. 

“I’m constantly saying ‘maybe next time’ so maybe I’ll start a bag of ‘maybe next time!’” one mother commented. “This is so sweet! Love this family tradition!” another user wrote.

Others suggested that Cimato may want to adjust her idea as her daughter gets older and was asking for things a little bit more pricey than candy bars.

“Let’s hope she doesn’t ask for a car!” one user pointed out. 


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