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Man Calls Out His Married Best Friend For Trying To Cheat Because 'I Spent Too Much Money On Your Wedding, You Better Sit Down'

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Screenshots from guy calling out his friend for cheating

You ever hear a story about a guy cheating and think, "where are his friends? Could NOBODY try to talk some sense into him?" One man on TikTok did just that, and it has people applauding him for stepping up.

As frequently as we hear about men cheating on their partners and spouses, it seems like most of us are more apt to look the other way and tell ourselves it's not our business. After all, getting involved with people's marital drama is often a huge mistake, right? 

But that's not at all the tack TikToker @deshawn_sings decided to take with his best friend when he spotted him trying to step out on his new wife. 

People are applauding a guy on TikTok for how he handled his married best friend's attempts to cheat on his wife.

DeShawn says his friend is not speaking to him because he wouldn't go along with his cheating attempt.

It all started on a night when DeShawn and his friend were out on the town at a nightclub when he spotted him trying to talk to other women. "My homeboy got mad at me," DeShawn said in his video, "and now he ain't talking to me because we in the club, and he tried to talk to these women, but he married."

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Photo: @deshawn_sings / TikTok

DeShawn decided to step in and set his friend straight. "I told him, bro, you need to cut that out, man," he said. As you can imagine his friend wasn't particularly receptive to DeShawn's constructive criticism. "Why are you hating, bro?" his friend asked him, to which DeShawn hit him with... well, the simple facts of the matter.

"I ain't hating," he told his friend, before reminding him that he chose to get married. "I ain't tell you to walk down the aisle," he said, "I ain't tell you, 'introduce me to this woman' and you go get that ring on your finger." Yeah, seems like his homeboy's ire is a bit misdirected.

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DeShawn also called his friend out for cheating in front of him after he spent tons of money to be at his wedding.

What DeShawn said next to his friend will be instantly relatable to anyone who's ever laid out the buckets of cash it takes to be in someone's wedding—from time off work to the travel you have to book to the clothes you have to buy to the bachelor or bachelorette parties you have to throw—only to watch the marriage crumble soon after because one party was unfaithful.

"Got me all in this wedding, spending all this money to come to y'all wedding to watch you come in this club and cheat and mess it all up!" he said. "That's my money I spent on your wedding! I spent my money on your wedding, and I spent a lot of it too," he went on to say. "We all in Vegas and all of these casinos, and I'm spending all of my money!"

Photo: @deshawn_sings / TikTok

If you just leaped out of your chair in applause, you're definitely not alone. But then DeShawn put an even finer point on it—like many best friends, he's become close to his friend's wife now, too, and he wasn't about to betray her. "You not gonna introduce me to this lady, got me calling her SIS all the time," he said, "I'm not going to be lying in this woman's face!"

DeShawn then finished his video with precisely the kind of straight talk not nearly enough men hear from their friends. "Boy, you better go get you a drink! I'll pay for it! Get you a drink and sit down somewhere, bro! Because nah, I spent too much money on y'all wedding."

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People online applauded DeShawn for calling out his friend for cheating and called on other men to take similar stances with their friends. 

In a way, it's sort of sad that DeShawn's video resonated so deeply with so many people. It shouldn't be controversial to tell your friends not to cheat on their wives, right? But multiple studies have shown that men cheat far more often than women do, so DeShawn definitely seems to be in the minority when it comes to men being willing to check each other on their wandering eyes. 

And people online absolutely loved him for it. "It's not enough men that check their friends," one woman wrote. "YES! Hold him accountable." One woman joked, "This message is approved from wives across the world….betta remind them!"

Others felt that all men need a friend like DeShawn, and wished more boyfriends and husbands would find one. Even several men agreed. "That’s real, we gotta hold each other accountable," a guy commented. "This says a lot about the man god made you to be," another man wrote. "Bravo my good brother."

May we all have a DeShawn in our lives, until we can learn to be our own DeShawn's—or at least learn to "get us a drink and go sit down somewhere!"

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